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W6 R3, sun, dogs and the infamous toxic 10!

Did 25 minutes this morning in scorching sun, the first 9:45 i was thing WTF am i doing i'm not a runner, its too hot, i feel weak, is this dangerous?

This lasted for almost 10 minutes 09:45 in fact according to my watch which i wore for first time, not a running watch just a cheapo casio worn purely for stopwatch purposes.

After the that i thought this isn't too bad i can do this! This went on off easy hard for rest of run, i did take it slower though due to heat.

i run along a bridleway popular with dog walkers, today i was running towards a blak dog not sure what but quite small, i gave him the eye which said i wanted to pass on the left, he misinterpreted this and went the same way, i then sidestepped to avoid the dog but he did the same, i skidded and stuttered before the dog passed through my legs!

Fortunately we both escaped unscathed, the rest of my run was definately not easy but i managed it with no danger of stopping much to the annoyance of my gremlins.

25 minutes is the longest i have eve run for in my 35 year life, i now no longer fear the 30 minutes and have complete faith in the programme and also in myself.

Bring on week 7

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Fabulous! I find myself slowing down in anticipation of petting the four legged kind and speeding up once I realise that I am friendlier than most dogs and owners lol

Glad you're unscathed! Enjoy your next run 😁


Well done - it's reassuring to hear that w6r3 is OK after all 🙂

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Like this post! Well done for dog dodging 🐶

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Great post🙂

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Just as long as the dogs don't start thinking you're a rabbit, the speed you run past......


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