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Running Naked!

Ok so I wasn't actually running without clothes, but this was my first run without an ipod and thus no Laura.

The children are away today, so mrs Bean and I decided to go for our very first run together, the only problem being that I normally use mrs Beans iphone. So we decide that Mrs Bean would have the iphone and act as pacemaker and as her last 5k run was 35 mins, I was hoping to improve on my last time of 41mins.

After the usual 5 minute warm up we set off at a slow jog and for the first time I was aware of a thwack thwack sound of my feet on the tarmac. The amazing thing was that that I found I could actually adjust my technique to run with lighter steps and minimise the sound.

5 minutes gone and I was feeling ok and realised I was pulling ahead of mrs Bean. So should I slow down or just carry on? Then I heard a familar voice, one, two, three, four, .., one, two, three, four, ... you can do it! Yes the lovely Laura was back! Head up, relax your shoulders one, two, three, four, ....

15 minutes gone and my legs are still feeling good although I'm starting to regret this mornings bacon bagel and I can feel a stitch coming on, but then Laura says deep breaths, and I keep on going. I'm almost enjoying this run as much as w9r3 and for the first time I can hear the wildlife, birds singing, cows mooing. Brilliant!

I reach the turn around point and see mrs Bean is just behind. Stay focussed, back comes Laura, one, two, three, four, .....

Half way back to the village and I'm really regretting the bacon bagel, but keep up the pace, one, two three, four,..

I'm starting to flag a bit but then round a corner appears Marathon Lady at what seams like hundred miles an hour. We see Marathon Lady runing nearly every day and she is absolutely awsome and a real inspiration to lesser mortals. This gives me a boost to pick up the pace again.

Back into the village and about 10 miuntes to go, stay focussed, one, two, three four, ...

Outside the pub, let's increase the pace again , you can do it! ...

Over the level crossing, I think I'm going to die at this pace, but if I slow down now I know I will stop altogether, so I sprint for the bottom gate and the 5k point...

I've done it! Check the watch and my time is 34 minutes! I can't believe it! I'm just getting my breath back and mrs Bean arrives at a nice steady pace and unlike me not about to expire.

So my first 'naked' run was a liberating experience and I will definitely try that again, but I think I will be back to Laura in the week for more speed runs.

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Wow, congratulations on smashing your PB :). Sounds like fab run


Thanks AliB1, it felt so much better that last weekends attempt. I think the bacon bagel gave me extra energy!


Well done on knocking 7 minutes of your 5K time. It sounds like a great run. Your comment about picking up speed after spotting inspirational Marathon Lady made me smile.


Thanks swanscot, It's better to run towards Marathon lady. If I get overtaken by her I realise how slow I am actually running!


Wow well done. I usually run "naked" now, I like to commune with nature lol! (And it means I am aware of other users of the forestry track/canal path sooner and recall my dog in time).


The only downside was that the passing cars were louder too! It would be great to find an off road route nearby that had a decent surface.


Oh dear, mrs Bean has just read this post and asked if I am going to away with Marathon Lady. No mrs B. I couldn't keep up with her! LOL


I have just discovered the joys of running naked - well without an iPod - I love it.


It was running naked, proper naked, which got me started. It was a naturist beach in France on a cold day when I needed to warm up a bit, and discovered I quite liked it and should do more. C25K later, I'm still enjoying it (albeit with my kit on!).


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