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Naked Running (No Tech)

My normal runs have always included mobile phone, music, podcasts and my Garmin GPS that I probably look at far more than I should.

As I'm tapering now for the weekends HM my run last night was more about keeping the legs semi-active rather than pace or distance etc

So, went out with no music and no looking at my watch on a route that I knew to be about 5k and it felt really good... think I'm going to try this naked lark more often. I found it useful to run to how I felt (rather than to a specific pace) and focus on breathing and foot fall.

I will confess to starting my watch and then hiding it up my sleeve and then stopping it at the end... Well a man needs their stats!

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Good plan Andy , I started running with out music and runkeeper in my ears late last year took a while to adjust but now I find it much better :)

I have runkeeper in my pocket so I can just about hear it tick off the km's

Will see how it works out with some longer runs :)


I also did my last long run without anything. Runkeeper was in my pocket, but I couldn't hear it. I didn't want any pressure, just me and my own pace, not counting off songs or seeing how long I've been running. I didn't even know how long the route was, although I had a vague idea. I'm more aware of what's going on around me that way, if I'm running in woods it seems more natural. And it was a fun run!

Of course if you're training for something special and need a certain pace you need music or someone keeping you on track. As a relative newbie I enjoyed running naked, but will definitely be mixing things up when I want to go faster.


I don't usually have anything in my ears any more, but I can't leave Gloria Garmin at home - I have to have my stats, even when they are not very impressive!


Ahh but see you are a graduate! And can run feely as you please :) (huge cograts) I'm a mid programme begining w5 next and am soooo enjoying acquiring all the running accessories.. New trainers being my most beautiful purchase yet:) it's a woman thing :) I'm just glad to have felt for maybe the first time today..I can actually smile and run at the same time! Bring on those running free days! You enjoy..well deserved x


Oh! Brave...I rely so heavily on Laura and music that last week when my phone died on a run I thought I might have a bloody panic attack! 😕


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