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Best running Music to increase pace?


Having graduated this week went for first run without Laura. My pace has always been slow so tried music to help. The not very aptly named Ramones' "I wanna be sedated" really helped with a doable quicker pace. What do my fellow runners recommend? (BTW really does get those endorphins going though ! )

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I went on line and googled songs at 16-180 bpm . You will get a big list and then I found trial and error. You think some will work cause you like them but even within this range I have found some too slow and others too fast. My running song list is all over the place from Elle goulding burn, to footloose, adam and the ants and metalical. Hope this helps XXX


There's a website called jogfm which I use. You can put in your pace or desired pace (kilometre time) and it gives you a suggested bpm and a huge list of songs to fit.


Try the Rock My Run app.


It's worth giving the 5k+ podcasts a go - they're a good transition to speeding up a bit. After a while of mixing those with runs to my own music I bought some interval podcasts online and found those really helpful. Interval runs of doing shorter faster bits, definitely make a difference. And because they tend to be shorter overall it stops you just trying to run for longer and longer which can start feeling like a bit of a grind. And give some runs with other people a go - for charity, or a free weekly park run. Knowing how fast you are over a given distance in a timed run will give you something to aim for over the next few months.

I found out something very strange about myself recently. At the lovely age of 48 I have discovered bounce music. I absolutely love it to run to. It makes me happy and smile. I don't think I could sit and listen to it if I was not running but it has defiantly brought a bounce to my step hehe.

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You're never 48? :-0 I thought you were about 23....

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Awwwww thanks.

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Oh Never heard of Bounce music , neither has my teenage daughter ..will look up

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This is the link to the Amazon site you can listen to snipetts. I am getting some more for Christmas. I think maybe the younger ones might call it something different .


Rhianna Pon de Replay. I ran to it this morning. It's a blast!


Thanks all no idea what my run rate is but if anyone can tell me the beats per minute of said Ramones song that is the rate I would be looking for..I know tis a hard question I have no idea , but then I had never heard of these wonderful apps and websites mentioned here.


I have started on the 5k+ podcasts, did the stepping stones one on Thursday and found the music great to run to. Unfortunately I lost Laura with 5 mins to go and was running along counting 1,2,3,4 to myself!! Will try the speed one tomorrow.


I use Podrunner, you can download the podcasts on ITunes. This has different mixes, which you can select by speed and there is also some interval training. Would say this depends on your music preferences though as this is more dance/trance type music. (good beat to keep me going!!)


The only way is up yazz, love me again john newman, domino jesse j, and remix new kids on the block (i like my pop tunes) i also have a 90s dance album


I was playing random stuff last week and Rock Lobster made me smirk. It is somewhere around 180bpm. But then it turned into an earworm I couldn't turn off for days :D


Olly Murs album.... Ever been better. Never really been an Olly fan but this is great for running to. Good tempo

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