Running naked

Not like that! 😁 So I tried running sans headphones this morn and just using the timer on my phone and my lap count around my route. It was a bit strange and I was worried I would fall off my pace without Laura there chirping in my ear, but I tried not to push too hard either, and wound up running a bit shy of the full 5k, but at a much better pace than I expected. Next time I know to go a little further 😀.


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  • That was brave of you. I still need my 'security blanket' headphones although I did try out 'Rock my run' music today instead of Laura. I didnt like that the music tracks morph into each other rather than being separate.

  • I looked at rock my run but doesn't it need wifi or does it eat your data? I would like something like that but can't find anything that let's you download.

  • I was outdoors and wasnt using any data. I saved a rock choice of 30 mins as a favourite and it played ok.

  • I thought I would be far off the pace without the 1,2,3,4 pace count reminders, but it worked out ok. I did miss my tunes though. I've not listened to rock my run. Was listening to Google Play music before I found the 5K+ series. That one does rely on data, and there was a noticeable data use drop when I switched to downloaded podcasts.

  • Isn't it great?! I often prefer to run "naked" and just enjoy the sights, sounds & sometimes smells of nature. It's very liberating & just pure pleasure.

  • Seeing some of the beautiful backdrops many users here run to I am not surprised! I live in the city though and sometimes the music is a bit more relaxing than the traffic and construction sounds (I do run well away from the main roads for obvious safety reasons 😀) but it was nice to hear the birds chirping away too!

  • Many of us run 'nekkie' and we love it!!!

    Yeay! I have always counted, to maintain my pace, since I started the programme and still do.. so I have the 1,2,3,4 in my head, even subconsciously!

    Very well done...:)

  • Yes, Laura is in my head! I can hear her now 😃

  • Like the rest of us my friend... hooked, lined and loving it! x

  • I too am a naturist runner lol, I strap my stopwatch and away I go enjoying the sites and sounds around me (bit of a technophobe)

  • I enjoy my tunes, but I understand the draw of the sights and sounds especially in the early morn when the streets are quiet and the construction crews have not started yet 😀

  • I run on trails were there are no construction crews just the occasional dog walker etc

  • That sounds quite nice! I run partially through paths in a park, and the rest through side streets, just off a busy main road.

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