...well , I think that's the term for running without music etc!!! And tonight I went out for the first time without Laura on repeat or music.

I loved it and ended up running 13k and enjoyed it all. Was slow, 1 hr 34 but it was never about speed tonight.

What a lovely pastime I have stumbled across. It really is life changing.

For anyone struggling, don't give up, keep going at whatever pace you need to but keep going.

Jules xx

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  • Wow Jules that was an impressive run! I always used to listen to music but just recently have really been enjoying going 'naked' myself!

  • Never thought I would be running 13k let alone naked LOL.

    Jules xx

  • That's beautiful. Thank you x

  • Wow ! 13k !!!! Well done Jules , that's amazing ! :-) xxx

  • That's great Jules. You really are a natural. Bet you sleep well tonight :-)

  • The funny thing is Mim, I never do. After a long evening run, I always have a restless night.


  • I'm gonna hear you knocking on my door before're doing SO incredibly well!

    So proud....and envious! ☺️

  • Thank you lovely


  • Thanks all. I've got a 7 mile race, no headphones, coming up so thought I nedded to practise.

    I did totally enjoy it though and think that's because I slowed down and didn't try to beat any ov my times.


  • Wow that's amazing!! I don't use Laura but have my own music on now, I love having my own stuff on. Never bone naked though!

  • Well there's how to write an attention-grabbing Post Title!! He he!! Sounds like you had a whale of a time. I had a steady 5k run last night. It was a beautiful twilight trot with a gorgeous pink sky that seemed to make everything look so different. Because I ran it steady, I was able to switch off more to my body and take in my surroundings. I was in the moment - a bit of mindfulness. Quite special x

  • I know. I found it amusing. Probably my warped sense of humour!!

    That's exactly how I felt. I slowed right down so I could do the distance and totally enjoyed the run.

    No pink sky's for me though. Grey clouds only


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