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Running naked - parkrun training

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Today was my first run naked - that is, without the NHS C25K podcasts. I am aiming to do my first parkrun next weekend and have read that they prefer you to run without your MP3 so I decided it to give it a go.

It was strange without Laura telling me when to start running, those first few running steps on my own were odd but after that I really enjoyed it. I thought the time would go really slowly but it didn't! So I plan to do the speed podcasts a couple of times during the week and hopefully I'll be all set for next weekend :)

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I'm doing my first Parkrun tomorrow and it will be my first one without music too. I feel a bit nervous about it but will see how it goes.

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ellerunnerGraduate in reply to redsheep

Hope it went well, I noticed that "FrockyHorror" was a parkrun first timer today too :)

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Don't worry about using music on the parkrun if you need it. Quite a few of the runners at mine use MP3 players, me included. The runners that steam round the course in about 20 mins or less don't seem to wear them though, so I suppose it depends how quick you are!! :D :D

I have to admit though that by the end I am pulling the earphones out so I can hear the cheers as I cross the finish!

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ellerunnerGraduate in reply to doggymum

Ha Ha, I wonder if running without earphones would make me quicker!?! That would be good.

I had a look at the course today and it's got a couple of hills including uphill all the way to the finish line! oh dear.

Before I clicked on the post I was thinking, but don't all your bits jiggle about, oh you mean without Laura, I see. ;)

Glad you enjoyed it.

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ellerunnerGraduate in reply to Chewy

Thanks, it was quite nice to hear birds tweeting and stuff, I hadn't realised how listening to music was cutting me off from the outside world.

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I run with just one head phone in so that I can hear whats going on around and about, our Parkrun is very flat, very straight and therefore quite boring so I need my music to keep me going. Just so long as you are able to hear any instructions at the start and from any marshals along the route thats the main thing. All the best for your run tomorrow, enjoy yourself thats the main thing.

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ellerunnerGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

That's a good idea. I went along this week just to see the place and see a bit of the course. Now to register and do my first one next week and try not to panic about the hills!

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People wear headphones at my local park run. Have to say now that I've got used to running with music I quite like it

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ellerunnerGraduate in reply to AliB1

I think I might use oldgirls idea and wear one earphone, If I get stuck I'm sure Laura would get me round with the stamina podcast!

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Great to read about your first naked run ellerunner, I'm hoping to do a parkrun soon too & like you I'm wondering what it will be like without my music (which not only motivates me but has the added bonus of muting my heavy breathing!). Best of luck, I'll look forward to reading how you got on.

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I'm lucky, my Parkrun is quite flat. I can't imagine having to run uphill to get to the finish line....aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!

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