W2, R1 ouch!

Hi, first blog post in here. ive just finished W2R1, and after getting through week 1 fairly easily, today's run was damn hard work!! Had to have a break half way through for a minute and stretch because of a bad stitch, but I managed to finish it. If that had happened a couple of months ago I would have thrown in the towel and given up the program.

I've picked up a slight muscle strain in my quadricep, but I can't wait to get out there again in a few days for W2R2 - they might make a runner out of me yet!


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  • Good on you for keeping going, all the little victories like that are wonderful. Everyone seems to surprise themselves - great!

  • Well done for getting through it and maintaining your enthusiasm! Laura has some tips later on for dealing with a stitch. I think it's making sure you're well hydrated before you go out and belly breathing - pushing your tummy out as you take deep breaths. Worth a try? I've been lucky so far, but sod's law says I'm due one now! I was in your place 6 weeks ago and I can't believe I ran (slow jogged, really!) for 25 mins this morning! That'll be you soon! Good luck!

  • Well done, all these things are very common when you first start running, watch that muscle strain though if it becomes very painful don't try and push through it, you may need to rest it. Keep up the good work, drink a glass of water before you head off out, it may help prevent the stitch. Good luck and welcome aboard the runners delight site ;)

  • Welcome and well done for keeping at it.

  • I'm hopefully going to do W2R2 tonight. I find I only get a stitch if I've eaten anytime before going for a run so I tend to just have a glass of water. Good luck and keep going!

  • tambalane watch that you're pacing yourself. Laura advises you to jog, she does not expect you to run yet. Go with the system and you'll be fine+the advice in week 4 for dealing with a stitch as outlined by oona. Good luck.

    I finished week 4 today. Everything to begin with was against me-the twin sails bridge was up, so turned around and went via the old bridge to Hamworthy. Got to Rockley park in good time, 8.20. I was first in the queue for the gate. The maintenance man didn't turn up to unlock the gate, so at 8.45 I repositioned my car on the driveway and went off to do my run with Laura. This is when things got better. Loads of doggie walkers come to the park, and I was congratulated loads of time with my achievement. One lady patted me on the back as I jogged passed her and called out you are amazing what you have done in 4 short weeks. Boy, did it make a difference to my confidence. I finished my run and was doing my warm down walk and passed a young (ish) girl on my walk back to the car, and she again said how well I was doing and to keep it up. She wasn't running today. As I approached the carpark, so cars started to arrive. My car was safe-no ticket or note. Brilliant end to the run.

  • I found that run hard too and was surprised at the time. I have ended up doing an extended week 2 as I have found it so hard but I am ready for week 3 now (I think!!!!) One tip that worked for me was to not run too fast. I think I was going faster than a job and then wondering why I could not finish. Once I slowed down to a slow jog I found that I could get through all the week 2 sprints. I am hoping week 3 goes a little easier!

  • I'm on week 2 also - like you, I found run 1 very difficult and felt a bit demoralised by the end. When I reflected on the run, I decided that a. I had tried to run too fast and b. the route I had chosen had been boring. Just done run 2, paced myself a little better, and chose a different route and totally bossed it!! Can't wait for run 3 now!! x

  • THEY won't make a runner out of you.... you will. You're already doing it. Step by step... You're doing great. Don't give up or give in, just keep going. All it takes is one foot in front of the other. And repeat... and repeat. That's it. It really is as simple as that. when you feel tired, all you have to do is put that next foot down and the next, and the next. And, basically, that's it! So.. you see, you're already doing that. so, game over!

  • Thank you for all the support, it means a lot. I'm still feeling the muscle soreness so going to take an extra rest day as a precaution. I think I did go a little too hard so going to try and keep the pace at a slow jog for run2

  • Keep at it! Each run you will see little improvements which will soon start to add up. And why not repeat things if you are not ready to move on. I have done weeks 1, 2 and 3 five times each, rather than the recommended 3. I count it as a jog if at some stage during the pace both my feet are off the ground .... and sometimes that is only for a millisecond or so! Still, it's a different action from walking. No need to rush it. Everything I have read says go for endurance over speed, so that is my plan and it seems to be working. I also find keeping a log really helps ... my first time out I could not even run for a minute. Now I can do a full lap of the track (400m) without stopping thanks to c25k. That's within a month of starting which I reckon is not bad considering I had not run in 30 years except to catch a bus. Week 4 here I come!

  • well done, keep at it, you are doing great. I've been lucky with no stitch, but I'm tending to drink a bottle of water before I go (500, or 750 ml on a warm day) and just eating a banana and taking water with me to sip if I need it in the intervals. As someone else mentioned, the hydration is important and Laura gives you tips on that. The extra day rest will just help your muscles grow stronger, so you'll be even better on your next run!

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