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Return after injury

Hello everyone. Lovely to see so many new bloggers on here!

I've had a 2 month "break" due to a foot injury but now I'm back and raring to go.

I got to week 7 last time and was a bit obsessed both with the running and this site!! I loved the buzz so much I stupidly ignored the pain in my foot. Unfortunately it became so bad I had to stop running altogether :-( i have since had my running gait analysed and part of my problem was due to incorrect trainers. New pair promptly purchased!

I went out this morning and started back at week 4. Yes it was tough but brilliant feeling. (and the foot feels ok too!!)

Fingers crossed second time lucky & I'm looking forward to meeting my week 4 "virtual running partners"

Also cannot recommend running gait analysis highly enough.


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Hi Benmum

I'm a fellow week 4 runner so welcome back! Just completed R1&2 so looking forward to sharing the rest of the experience with you.

I'm glad your foot is now ok and having the correct shoes really helps. I too had the gait analysis done before embarking on this and had the insoles made that are shaped to my feet too so am helping that will keep at bay any niggling problems. They werent cheap but thought if I spent the money it would make me more likely to stick to this and its worked so far!

Good luck!


Hello! Glad to hear all going well and that the running gait analysis has helped you too :-)

Good luck with week 4/5 and look forward to your progress :-)


Welcome back, Benmum! Good to hear you're over your injury and running again. I bet you fairly skip through the programme now as from what I hear you can build up your fitness again quite quickly after a break. Anyway, hope it all goes smoothly. I, too, love the buzz of running and this website, feel like a " born-again runner"! Think my family are all sick of me going on about it - but my husband has started C25k and has done W2R2 today!


Hmmm. Not sure skip is the right word!!! I have struggled a little but not as much as I thought :-)

I love your thoughts on "born again runner". Maybe we should get t-shirts printed!!!

Well done to you and yr hubby too. Hope he enjoys the programme ad much as you have :-)


welcome back benmum, you have beaten the stats by coming back. Good luck with the rest of the programme. I hope your foot worries are behind you


Yay! Love beating stats!!! Many thanks for your kind words


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