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Trying C25K again after long break with injury and loss of motivation!

Hi all.

I completed the C25K programme about 2 years ago now. Was doing really well, running up to 7miles 3 times a week. Then whilst doing a long run in the dales, in very hot weather, for some reason, my trusty trainers began rubbing and I developed a very large blister on the bottom of each foot. As I was in the middle of nowhere and running to meet up with my husband, I had no choice but to continue and finish the run (well, hobble by the time I finished!). I think developing the blisters altered my gait too as I also ended up with Achilles problems. Once I recovered from that, I started building up my running again, only to develop plantar fasciitis - another couple of months before I could get going again!

Whilst building up again, I moved from the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, to the flat fens of Cambridgeshire, and was finding it very uninspiring. On top of this, I lost my trusty running companion when my dog developed cancer of the spine over just a couple of months and very quickly had to be put to sleep.

I lost all motivation for several months, however, had just started getting going again when a trip back up to Yorkshire led to disaster. I was so excited being back and went on one of my favourite old runs. The run was going really well when I managed to fall and twist my ankle really badly, resulting in another 3 months before I was fit enough to start again.

I have recently moved again, to Shropshire, and love the countryside. I am trying yet again to get running and thought I'd restart the C25K programme from week 4 as that seems to be about my current level of fitness/ability. I am still finding it difficult to maintain sufficient motivation to be consistent with getting out there.

I have discovered a local running club which seems good, and will go there once a week.

I also found this forum really supportive and good for motivation the first time I did the C25K, so have rejoined in the hope I can get back to where I was back then.

Very sorry for the long post. I'll try and be briefer in future!

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Hello and welcome back. My, you've been in the wars! No wonder you lost heart.

So sad to hear about your beloved dog. They leave a yawning gap in our lives when they go to the happy hunting ground don't they.

I think it's a good idea to have a group to run with. I just joined our local jog group and am loving it. It gives you someone to run with on these dark winter nights - which is helpful from the safety point of view- and it's a good motivator to turn out too.

I hope your injury woes are behind you and you can get back into it. Good luck


Welcome home! You've had some challenging years. Running has helped me come to terms with a move I hadn't wanted... even though it was to a beautiful area (when it gets light, that's the view I have from my bed you see here) and even though there are lots of steep slopes, which I have become something of an expert in avoiding (this must stop) It sounds as though communing with the place is an important part of running for you too.

I thought the other day what a blow to my running and general activity losing my dog would be... I've never run without her. Are you able to have another dog? (As someone about to bring home a new kitten in a few days, after one of our cats was killed a couple of months ago, I am keenly aware that it is a complicated business emotionally) There's a charity called the Cinnamon Trust where people volunteer to dog walk which might have something to offer you if a permanent new companion isn't appropriate.

It sounds to me a bit as though it isn't that you lack motivation as such - you clearly want to get out there. I wonder if it would help to think of it as a gift you are giving yourself rather than as something you 'should' do... and to celebrate each run rather than thinking of how many you are not doing, if that makes sense?


Hi and welcome back. You have really been round the houses getting back to running. I am not surprised you feel a little apprehensive on the motivation front, but from reading your post I don't think motivation has been an issue. Unfortunately you seem to have had a bad run with accidents. That's a slightly different thing, you picked yourself up and got out there again and your doing that yet again. I think you show tremendous determination and motivation. Good luck with the runnig club I hope that helps to to get to the place you want to be and we are always here to keep you going.


Wow, you've had a lot of bad luck and a lot of changes over the last couple of years, haven't you? Impressive that you found the will to try again. Welcome (back) on board, and I look forward to read all about how you get on.


Thank you for all the kind replies. This is why I found this forum so helpful first time around! there's always someone who replies and can give you advice or just comments to spur you on! It's good to be reminded that there are other people in the same boat.

Unfortunately, I can't replace my dog yet as I've just moved into rented accommodation and started a new full time job. It's the first time in many years I've been without a dog for so long and, yes, they do leave a big hole when they go. I didn't know about the Cinnamon Trust so might look into that.

I think the advice about thinking of it as a gift to myself, rather than something I 'should' do is good and I'll try and remember that. The local running club seem very good and have a 'run-walk' programme, and, although I've only been once, everyone seems very friendly. I generally prefer to run 'off road' and get a lot of inspiration from my surroundings, so I'm looking forward to exploring some beautiful new countryside!

My new job is shift work (I'm a nurse), and conveniently, there's a leisure centre right next door, so I might even pop in there to add some variety to my training, especially in winter.

I have a big birthday next month, which I'd originally aimed to be fit for, and wanted to be fit enough to run a 10K. I'll readjust my aim and target my next birthday instead! Will keep you updated!

Looking forward to reading about everyone elses progress too.


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