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Starting again after injury - get the right shoes!!

I started c25k at start of October 2014 & got 4 wks in before having to give up due to injury.

It was all probs with my left side: foot, knee, back.

Thanks to a great chiropractor things seem better.

I also, on advice of a physio, got fitted for some new running shoes as it turns out I have collapsed arches.

The guy at Sweatshop Chill Factore store was great at getting me sorted with new trainers. He showed me the video of my gait when running & indeed my left foot rolls in much more than my right. Hence probably all the problems with my left side!!

I am on W1R2 again now & fingers crossed my left side seems ok. Let's hope these new trainers help. I'm determined to complete c25k this time. Just very nervous about injuries coming back.

Moral of the story: get yourself fitted for the right running shoes!!!!

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I bet that does the trick Mancunian, take it slow and steady. The other thing I found was Laura's advice to heel run is the only thing I disagree with, as do most other websites and runners. Mid foot is the way to go. Good luck from a fellow Manc :)


Congrats for sticking with it despite all the setbacks. Good shoes do indeed make all the difference x


well done on starting out again :D so right about the shoes , it is amazing what a difference they make ! good luck with all your runs :D


Good for you for starting back again and I'm sure the new shoes will make a big difference. Any chance of a picture? We love seeing everyone's new shoes!


Thanks for your support. It went ok but my back is a little bit sore.

Will try & work out how to post a pic of my new trainers!


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