B210K week2

well i completed week 1 on sunday and to be honest i found run 3 quite hard. I run outdoors and I am not too sure if it was because it was cooler but for the previous two runs of week1 I was able to give a little more and run for a bit longer. Run three felt different, I wasn't on form for it and I was knackered after doing the obligatory 4* 10 minute runs but none the less i put week1 to bed so i was pleased with that. I planned to do run 1 of week 2 this morning but I didnt have the energy to get up at 5 50am. i think the fact it ws dark too didnt help. anyway went off and did a days work (office work so non streneous) . I forced myself out to run at 8pm. dodnt get homefrom work until 7 30 so i was on an empty stomach which is my preference. Started to run after the warm up and i was aching. Could this be due to the weather being cooler? It as saying 8 celcius on the car thermometer on way home. Persevered through the first bit always remembering mind over matter as laura thought me back in the day. I so wanted to stop on so many occasions but I kept going. Then something happened .All of a sudden the aches were all gone and i was onfire. I just wanted to keep going for a bit further and i was able to aswell. I changed my route at the last minute and was able to run for the required 3*15 minutes and continued running for a further 12 minutes. All in i ran for 8.9k. granted its not that fast but i am not too worried about speed. I am pretty pleased with my perseverance. I do have one question as the weather is cooler now should I start doing some additional warmup exercises before I go out running? i do wear a longsleeve compression top and compression shorts along with tracksuit bottoms to keep me warm


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6 Replies

  • Fantastic, ShaneM, very well done. I am in total awe, having graduated but not yet completed the big 5k. Sounds like you're turning into a distance runner! And amazing how your body went from not quite being in gear to top gear, letting you run for that impressive distance and time.

    As for the warmup exercises, I don't know. A bit longer warmup is never wasted, though!

  • I started B210k today and skipped to W2, like you I'm enjoying it and finding a good rhythm (no idea how far I've run as I haven't mapped it). The music's better than C25k IMO - do you know what was that fanfare tune at the first interval before 'Womaniser'? I've heard it somewhere before and it's in my head now...

  • Just checked my distance, I ran 8km exactly so you're going a fair bit faster than me.

  • forgot to say well done on achieving 8k. I am not too sure what distance you should be achieving by W2

  • but dont forget I did more than the prescribed 3*15 minutes. I ran for a further 12 minutes. still trying to find out what the song is

  • Ah of course, how did I miss that? My husband (better at maths than me) compared my time from my parkrun 5k on Saturday to the 8k yesterday and both worked out almost exactly the same time per km (1 second diff). It seems I'm very predictable! ;-) Best of luck with the rest of B210k, keep us updated.

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