W5R2 down (literally); W5R3 (20 minutes, for real?) next

I barely completed Run 2 of Week 5 last night. I waited later to run than I normally due because of family commitments. So, when I set out, it was dusk and the darkness soon followed. Typically, I enjoy running at night because it's a bit cooler than the daytime. It's still quite warm in Texas with highs expected today in the upper 90's. Evenings aren't much cooler, but any amount of cooling-off is a good thing in my book.

I was sort of excited about W5R2 since I quite enjoyed the 5 minute runs from W5R1. However, when I started out, I realized it was going to be a difficult run. I was physically and mentally tired from the get go. But, I soldiered on through the 5 minute warm-up and the first half of the first 8 minute run. About 2/3 of the way through my first 8 minute run, I stepped off the side of the road where there was no curb, twisted my ankle, and fell down into the street. My palms bore the brunt of the fall and I was able to get up and keep running (after looking around to make sure nobody I knew had seen my less than graceful fall). I finished the first 8 minute run and was quite ready for my 5 minute walk. I used the 5 minute walk to reorient myself, catch my breath, and mentally prepare for the next 8 minutes, though my ankle was still a bit sore from the fall.

I finished the final 8 minute run, though I suspect I ran quite a bit slower than my first 8 minutes. But, finishing at this stage is more important to me than speed. Today, I've noticed that my ankle is a bit tender, but I'm hoping I can run on it tomorrow. It's the weekend, so I was hoping to tackle the 20 minute run from W5R3 at the local park tomorrow morning. If my ankle is still sore tomorrow, I'll rest another day and run on Sunday.

I'm still intimidated by the enormity of a 20 minute run, in light of how difficult the 5 and 8 minute runs have been for me. But, just a few short weeks ago, I could barely run for a minute. So, I'm going to set my mind to believing. I will do my absolute best to complete the 20 minute run this weekend. Stay tuned!


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17 Replies

  • Well done on completing R2 TexasDad, especially after a fall. I haven't fallen *yet* but I've had quite a few slips and near misses in our wet Welsh weather and I know how the slightest thing can take your breath away and destroy your rhythm. Rest that ankle as much as you need to and tackle R5 when you're ready. It's a mental game and you've done all the ground work so you're ready for it!

  • Thanks, Fraz.

  • You can do it, it amazed me that I could, I'm sure you'll be able to. Rest the ankle and go out when you think it feels sound.

  • Will do, Beads. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • OUCH! Rest the ankle and I hope it feels better soon. Texasdad, you sound so much like myself as I read your blog. You WILL get through the 20 minute run! Don't worry about speed or anything else, just try to keep the gremlins out of your head and try to tell yourself that all of the other runs have prepared you for this one. It sounds crazy, but after a certain time, the longer runs do not seem any worse for me than the 3-5-8 or 10 minute runs. Could be from the lack of oxygen though! :-) I am excited to read how your weekend run goes! Relax and enjoy the journey!

  • Thanks, gdeann. I find this whole blogging thing to be kind of therapeutic. It helps to put it all out there (successes, failures, doubts) and see that other people have felt the same way. I'll do my best to keep the gremlins away. Thanks again for the encouragement.

  • RICE it. Rest, ice, compression and elevate. W5r3 is more a mental challenge than physical although take it easy on that ankle. Well done for getting back up and carrying on.

  • Thanks, Anna. The ankle feels pretty good right now. I may put a little ice on it later tonight, though. I'm also thinking of wearing my son's ankle brace for my run tomorrow. It may help provide some stability.

  • Sound advice guys. But well done tor completin r2. It's tough and you are up to it if you have come this far, Texasdad. By now you are really at the mind-over-matter stage but you will need to rest that leg till yyou are ready to go. Good luck with run 3. I will also be doing run 3 tomorrow.

  • Firstly I admire your tenacity, I was taunted by the negative goblins after the first 8 minutes and I hadn't fallen, that took some guts to carry on.

    I feel the same as you do and I'll give you back your own advice, listen to your body and take an extra day if needed, I know I will.

  • Chewy, I was more mad than anything. Mad that I'd fallen and not been more careful and mad that the fall and any resulting injury may disrupt my rhythm and progress to date. I guess anger can be a good motivator sometime. I'm going to take it easy tonight and see how the ankle feels in the morning. I'd really like to run tomorrow morning before it gets too hot. HIgh of 96 predicted for tomorrow, so the later I go the hotter it will be. Sunday morning won't work because of church. If I start out tomorrow and think the ankle won't hold up, I'll quit and give it another day. Better to be safe than sorry. Good luck with your next run.

  • Nice going in picking yourself back up and moving on.

    As for Week 5 Run 3? Well, two days ago I posted an entry very similar to yours, after I finished Run 5.2 and realized that a twenty minute run was up next. (See "Week 5" tags from Thursday)

    Just finished that twenty minute run this morning, and I can say that it feels good to have passed that hurdle. If you look at the plan, the jump from eight to twenty minutes is the single biggest increase in running time in the program -- both in terms of actual minutes (12) and in terms of percent (150%). Now that it is done, I have confidence that I can finish... and go beyond.

    You'll get there. I know that a lot of people say the challenge is more mental than physical, and now I understand why. You will feel the physical challenge more... but, by this point, you can do it (if you pace yourself). The muscles are ready, but your head doesn't realize it can do this yet, because it hasn't. What really drove this home for me wasn't the run itself, but the cool-down after. It was tough getting through all twenty minutes this morning... but by the end of the five minute cool-down walk, I felt fine. Contrast that with Week One, where I ended each session by collapsing into a chair, needing time to recover. It's a nice change!

    Good luck!!

  • Hi TexasDad, good for you for finishing the run with an injury.

    I was feeling exactly the same as you this time last week, I couldn't see how I was possibly going to run for 20 minutes as I could barely complete the 8 minute run.

    But somehow I did it - was absolutely exhausted afterwards, but I made it to the end, just out of sheer determination - and from what Laura is saying in the podcasts, that is the point!!

    Hopefully your ankle will be fine, I found that I was having trouble with my leg on Tuesday so had to abandon my W6R1 about 2/3rds of the way through so spent a couple of days trying to rest it and taking some anti-inflammatory tablets and I managed to complete the run on Thursday.

    Good luck and let us all know how you get on :o)

  • Thanks a bunch, mcc65. I really appreciate your thoughts and insight. I've finished the 20 minute run and blogged about it already. I'm toast now, though.

  • well done for finishing the run, I hope the ankle has recovered. Same story here for R3, I was pretty scared about the jump to 20 minutes, but by the time you get half way you realise that you can do it, because you've built such a level of fitness now. I actually found it easier than the split 8 minute runs and it's only a few minutes longer overall. You can do it for sure. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  • Vixiej, I ran the 20 minute run today and the ankle held up fine. It's a little stiff, but other than that, it's fine. Thanks for your support.

  • well done! enjoy your rest day and good luck for W6

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