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B210k W5R3

How good was that? Best run, best distance and best speed. It was one of those runs where the weather seemed certain to put me off after even a short time. The wind was icy and head-on and I kept thinking my nose was bound to get frozen off. As it happens I got the lift I needed from the lap timer voice telling me I had passed the 1k then 2k mark and so on. Clocking 6k in seconds after the 30 minutes mark was a real lift for me. I have been aiming for the 5 minute per km: that has been a target I've kept in my head for a while and though I am getting that achieved on some of my lap times, it hasn't been quite there for the big markers at 5k and now 6k.

Well pleased with 11.79k in just under 61 minutes!! I didn't stop the timer for the 60 seconds walk so the average speed will be down slightly and the distance too I guess but let's see how this measures up when I run the full 60 minutes next. Roll on the next stage of my running career! How this will look I need to figure out: planned a three-parter of one long, 'gentle' run, one steady but fast-paced run of 30-45 minutes (Not sure exactly yet) and one run to improve my speed (intervals and maybe with a bit of help from Audio Fuel). Any ideas welcome.

Thanks for reading and keep on running.

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Very well done James!!!!! :-) Excellent time and distance! :-) I bet you are just beaming over this run, very deserved in deed!!! Gayle


Thanks Gayle. Really good to hear from you again. I am very happy with my time/distance. I now need to plan the next stage so am looking for ideas. What did you do after finish the B210k?


Not finished yet, James. :-( We need to start well 6 today and will probably brave it later this morning. Here in the States, we had 14-16" of snow and are currently in another severe weather alert for tomorrow. We are expecting a blizzard with high wind, ice and white-out capabilities. I can't bring myself to run my hour on a treadmill, so trying to run when conditions allow outside. Bring on Spring!!!


Yeeeeah! Well done James!

Keep Running....:-)


Wow! :)


Thanks guys. I took it down a bit today due to time issues. Did a stamina run and found it refreshing as a challenge to keep to the beat and then take it up just when you feel you're getting ready to finish. Means I put off the 60 minute run till later but not worried by that. Feeling good!


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