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Post graduation run - the wee tomboy said hi

I treated myself to a couple of days off after the 5k graduation run on Saturday morning, still beaming about that btw lol

I started a 5k intermediate programme this morning

2 miles easy run it says. Easy? Try telling that to these old legs at 6am when it’s dark and cold and wet and windy. However, after a cuppa I dragged them out the door and got going and surprisingly for the first time in about 4 weeks they co-operated right from the first stride. Decided to stay away from the ‘big hill’ and went round a tar path for a half mile and then into the woods. There is a great downhill trail section that runs along the river and a wee faraway voice said ‘go for it’ and I did, and oh boy did I feel like I was 8 years old again careering through the woods without a care in the world and the memories and exhilaration almost made me weep. Where on earth has that wee cowboy and indians playing tomboy been for the last 40 odd years? I don’t know, but she’s back now and I am SO looking forward to doing that again at least once a month.

My right achilles tendon is now grumbling a wee bit, but it’s just the shock of that short sprint and I’m sure it will be fine.

30 minutes Tempo training tomorrow. Hmmm how can I make that fit a game of flight test pilots???

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I bet you put your arms out and did aeroplane noises as well!

Those childhood revisited moments are great as well as the above I had one at the end of a race where we had ton a few hundred metres through about 10cms of standing water and once over the initial yuk moment it just made me laugh out loud, when as a 'grown up' do you get to do that kind of thing in normal life



I really enjoyed your post ceefin! Is the intermediate programme the one I had a go at today? You have to run at what turned out for me to be slower than normal but it was hard because my legs had to hover in mid air instead of being thumped down randomly. Sadly I lost Laura less than 10 minutes through so did my own thing. If I remember, it was 10 minutes at a 160 ,steps' per minute then an increase then another increase. My downloading lacked that certain summat, as Laura re-started 3 times. I was devastated to find that I only ran 3.7K but I've come back with a cough so must have done my lungs some good! I just wish I had the mental energy to imagine childhood games as I run. All I imagine is an ambulance!!!!


Love it ceefin, I think your absolutely right the running does give us back our childhood. There are two fallen trees in the woods were I run, I jump over the small one pretending I'm a hurdler and step onto the bigger one and jump down with a "dahdah" every time :) Watch out as the mornings/evenings get darker though, keep yourself safe, tree routes can be a real trip hazzard. Carry on having fun cos thats what its all about and carry on blogging, I enjoyed reading about your fun run.


A lovely. fun post, ceefin!

I can relate to your feelings. Yesterday I wrote on Facebook that I had laughed when I ran though the puddles in the pouring rain and a friend said "I do believe you found your inner child :-)



Thanks for the comments

I will only be able to run this short (and dark) section in the woods safely for about a week and then again for a couple of weeks after the clocks go back, then will have to wait til the Spring. Most of the trail is clear of roots but the leaves are starting to accumulate and can be very dangerous. Tomorrow I have decided to do my tempo work round the red ash track at the footie pitch. Sooo boring and I will probably lose count of the laps. lol

@stayinbed I'm hopeless with podcast mp3 any "i" thingys and I couldn't find a script for the sessions so I found a really good intermediate 5k training program which I have printed out, and I use a GymBoss Interval timer clipped to my shorts. I then plot the run on


Loved reading your blog, Ceefin. Sounds a lovely run, encountering your 8 year old self, and recapturing that excitement about the world. Hope the test pilot tempo run goes equally well!


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