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Motivation....or a big kick up the proverbial I think!!

Ok so how bad is this? I got to week 9. Did my 5k at a Race for Life in 40 mins. And since then (August 22nd) absolutely nothing!!!!!!!! I had 2 weeks off work where I went on holiday and then the 2 weeks back at work have been crazy so I haven't been out at all. I'm kicking myself that I got so far and effectively gave up! I didn't even get my graduate badge :-(

I need to get back out there, but not quiet sure where to start? The very beginning again? Or part through the programme

Advice/a big hoof up the backside to get me out there is seriously needed


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Why don't you just go out, do the warm up walk, and then just run to see how you get on for the first run, and then make your decision after that. You don't want to go right back to the beginning if you don't need to, and that first run will tell you how far back, if any, you need to go. Just get out there, and Good luck.


I know the feeling. I got to W8R3, was due to do R4L on W9R1 but it was postponed due to the weather, had a lazy 2 week holiday, dragged myself around R4L at the end of August and haven't really done anything since.

I think Sugar's idea of warm up then just running to see how you feel is a good idea and I might just use that as my (re)starting point. I started so well and was sticking to the programme and am determined to reach that graduation run.

Good luck Bluebird, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly suprised when you venture out for that run!


Hi bluebird75 - don't worry, just go and run and see what happens. I can't see that you would need to start the programme again. The important thing is to get back out there. I hope you find your mojo again - post and tell us what happens!


Thanks all for your fab supportive comments. Run day scheduled for tomorrow! Am going to just go out and run for as long as I can and see how I get on. I think your suggestions are spot on! Will post and let you know how I get on :-)



Yay!!!! Managed 10 mins of running before I had to walk. So I have started back on W5R1 just to be on the safe side! Graduation here I come ;-)


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