A virtual kick up the bum please!

Hi runners!

So I first downloaded this wonderful podcast about 2 years ago now, and I have tried several times to get through the complete podcast series and 'become a runner'. I got sooo close to finishing the podcasts about a year ago but never did finish them...

I want to get back on it, to get back in the swing of things but am finding it impossible to motivate myself to actually start up again, which seems mad!!

I wondered if I could ever so embarrassingly ask complete strangers to give me a virtual (and kind!) kick up the bum to get me back out and running?! 

I always seem to find an excuse, like, it's raining, or I am tired or, ooh look, a sofa, TV and chocolate bar all happen to be in my lounge and look like they all need company! 

Many thanks,

From a currently slightly weak willed Rachel


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26 Replies

  • You can do it Rachel, imagine you have all of us for company when you start the programme again , we'll be cheering you on :-)

    Good luck 

  • Noticed just in time the qualifying clause "and kind!".

    deleted my original motivational comment.

    Go out and do W1R1 tomorrow morning, then come back and tell us about it.

  • You've got to find that elusive 'selfish' motivation, whatever it may be!

    In January, my niece signed herself up for a 5k charity run later on in November this year. She has lupus and wanted to kickstart a healthy eating/ fitness regime for herself too but chose to run for a charity connected to my son- her cousin. 

    I was so touched and felt slightly obliged to consider it too. I'd lost 3.5 stone between August and January and knew I needed 'something' to keep me from putting it back on over this year. A lot of people just enter a 5k and get themselves round it without necessarily worrying about 'running ' but I saw it as a challenge and signed myself up too!

    I'm due to graduate tomorrow and I'm hoping that as the run is still so far away that I will be able to cut my 5k time down to something that will see me in a reasonable position.

    Ultimate incentive is my health- physical and mental but I also have the run to complete. 

    Maybe entering a race is the way to go?

  • I have been in your shoes, and now, having just completed w3r3, I'm so excited for the next level. I've got a body image in my mind and I hold it there for the entire workout. I imagine that body striding easily and lithely. Already, I'm three weeks closer to having that body!! 

    Just go for it Rachel! You'll feel better after the first run and then, even better still after the next one!

    I jump on here everyday to read posts from people who're much further into the course than me, and they totally inspire me to get out there. I LOVE it!

    C'mon hon, let's do it together 😃😃

  • Come on! You obviously want to - try to remember why you first started.

    Just lace up those trainers and get out there. 

    We can't do it for you, but we will cheer you on. If ever I lack motivation, just reading a few posts on here gets me moving again.

  • This is something that deep down you want to do. You've tried before, more than once, so it's something that is in the back of your mind, that keeps popping up. This is the real you saying "I want to become a runner". Well listen to yourself! Just go out and do it! You nearly managed before, you can crack it this time (with our support). And you can become a runner with all the freedom that means. All the fitness, all those highs and lows, watch your body change shape, feel the new-found power in your legs, enjoy all the health advantages. You want to. 

  • Bum virtually kicked!!! Just had look at your previous comments, which run on a theme of needing a motivational kick.  You've almost done it before...you know what to do... its getting warmer, the sun maybe shining 1.5 hrs per week to get you to a better place... get out there!!!

  • Running in the rain is lovely. Running when you are tired always invigorates and energises you. Sitting on the sofa makes your bum bigger. TV is mostly rubbish. Chocolate is bad for you. Also your furniture does NOT need company. That's my motivational speech. (But I do love chocolate !!)

  • You can still sit on the sofa and eat a little bit of chocolate after your run....

  • Another gentle kick! Just do it! You know you can run already as you have done so much of the programme before which most of us haven't so it's less scary for you! You just need the structure and discipline. Diary in the runs as an appointment and keep them.,, and report back in this forum. I've found it so supportive and encouraging! 

  • Rachel, we can encourage you all you want, but if you wont put on those running shoes and lace them up, there is nothing we can do to help.

    your resistance is a mental block nothing more. its the same one we all experienced before we laced up plugged in and walk out the door for the first time.

    there are hundreds of examples on here of people who said they did not believe they could do this who are now graduates and running all the time.

    the choice is yours, and we all to a man and woman stand alongside you urging you to just do it, you will be amazed at how it changes your fitness and mental attitude.

    I have a mentor who says to me " what do you think this life is ? a fricking practice run?"

    Rachel go for it !!!

    ( perhaps a slightly hard kick than you expected and if I have offended I apologies )

  • Just imagine how good you'll feel in ~9 weeks when you can write your "I've graduated! I've done it!" post with all of us congratulating you and despite your doubts. It's not as far away as you might think, with enough self discipline! Prove to yourself that you can!

    "She believed she could, so she did."

  • Hi Rachel I like the idea of just going out doing the first run and posting your progress. If it takes posting every run to get you through then do that!!!! If you can get someone to do the runs with you esp if they're at your level too! I always say to people the c25k is the hardest bit and once you do that the rest gets easier and more enjoyable but do try and enjoy it and find something positive to focus on from every run. We all have days or weeks where we miss runs or have bad runs and that's something you need to respond to with mechanisms that get you out running again. Signing up for races helps me I didn't run since Sunday but I have a race this weekend and one in 2 weeks so I knew I had to get out yesterday plus I was in bad form from work so I knew running would do the trick. One last thing believe that you'll do it and enjoy 😊Happy running 

  • Have you consider looking on the Run England or Jog Scotland or the Welsh site for a beginners group near you.

    Just a thought to help

  • Why don't you treat yourself to some lovely new running kit (snazzy leggings or whatever kind of clothing is your thing.) you'll be desperate to wear them, so might encourage you to get out there.

    Think of the health benefits of getting out there and exercises instead of sitting on the sofa eating chocolate. Your skin will be glowing :)

    Plus, you've done it before so you know you can do it! How about enlisting a friend/running buddy - you are more likely to make yourself get out there if you'd otherwise be letting someone down by flaking.

  • Thank you SO MUCH to each and every one of you for taking the time to give me that well needed kick!  It's lovely supportive people like you who make this programme so worthwhile.

    I woke up this morning to find so many wonderfully positive, useful and encouraging remarks. So much so that before I left for work this morning, I dusted off my MP3 player, whacked it onto charge whilst I am at work, and left my full running kit out and ready on the bed for when I get home from work.

    I am going to get a run in later today - and although I am a bit nervous about getting 'back in the saddle'- I feel a million times better (and a bit excited - goodness!) ALL thanks to you lovely lot!

    I really appreciate all of your tips too, I think signing up to a local 5k or joining a running group sound like a great idea.  Maybe this sort of motivation will keep me going rather than just running solo with only the end of the podcast as a goal.

    Expect updates on my running :)

  • Yay! Good luck tonight! I've laid my running kit on my bed too and am off out after work to start week 5. Gulp.  I actually like the running solo bit and the podcast goals as I think id get stressed in a group if I couldn't keep up! But I guess the motivation and feeling of letting down others if you don't go is a good plan! 

  • Yeah Hilary, I think that the group running might come a wee bit later on in my podcast running, or after week 9 - I too worry a bit about slowing the group down :)  Best of luck for the after work run, and well done for getting to week 5, you will do amazingly I bet!

  • Woohoo, good luck later :) I'll be heading out around 6/7pm for my final graduation run :) I NEVER through the previous 44 years of life EVER thought I would run, I've spent most of it as an unfit toffee apple, if I can YOU definitely can bag this :)

  • Wow!  Amazing work jt24 - you are graduating today! I can hear the Rocky music in my head as I type - best of luck for the final run with Laura :)

  • Well I only went and bloomin' did it!! Week 1 Run 1 done, and all thanks to you lovely lot! It wasn't too bad, I think focusing on not getting lost after trying a different route from the norm helped distract my inner voice that tries to get me to stop running :-)

    I mean it when I say a HUGE thank you to you all for your wonderful replies. Now to put my run days in the diary and keep making sure I get out there! 

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa well done you !!!!!! keep at it and keep as posted :-) you wont regret it Rachel :-)

  • I'm in your shoes right now. I asked for a kick up the bum yesterday to begin the first run/walk. I said I would do it today but I didn't!!! Made lots of excuses to myself but, if I'm honest I could have at least tried it. Perhaps you & I could make a pact and 'virtually' do the run together by arranging a day & time then letting each other (and everyone else) know how we got on???

    I need all the help & prodding I can get as motivation is not high just now so helping each other might do it.


  • Just noticed you did it - your first run. Well done. Hopefully I will be posting the same very soon 😊

  • C'mon Debvb !!! I'll virtually run with you too!!! I'm feeling addicted already and I'm only on week 3. YOU CAN DO THIS :)

  • Wk1 Rn2 done this morning! Beautiful sunny day. I made myself get out of bed earlier than I usually do on a Sunday to get out there and do my run, and I am so glad I did! 

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