Made it up the BIG hill - a "gradual"improvement!!! (sorry for that!):)

Made it up the BIG hill - a "gradual"improvement!!! (sorry for that!):)

This weeks going better- have got a bit of resolve and OOMPH back ! :) after my run/walk with George dog on tues, got up early today and got dropped off on the seafront at Yaverland to run back home! Done this route only a few times , connecting my seafront route to my "security blanket" familiar c25k training route from those days 11months ago! it was blowy again but fine, cold to start with but soon warmed up! did the speed podcast first, then a mini walk to recover, and then a rockmyrun music download full of motivating tunes! Took this shot when i got to the top steep hill at shanklin, for a mini rest. This hill is definitely getting easier, the photo doesn't show its full evilness, its the kind of hill where i put my brakes on alot going down on my bike, it wiggles round to the left then onto the front! managed to get running again quicker than i remembered previously, the cut through to my route home, which is a bit uppy-downy but i'm used to that route now. Had to put a mini speed spurt on past the dustbin men so i didn't look TOO slow, the tune playing was "Ain't no stopping us now!" then the end was in sight! forgot my garmin in the morning rush, but this route is 6.4km, so not so bad, took about 40 mins(no watch!) Sometimes i feel i'm never going to be a super-speedy or long distance runner, and i never find it particularly easy, but i guess thats the challenge and at least i now feel i can start the day feeling pleased that i got out there!(rather than last weeks failure apart from parkrun!) Next aim is to come along the cycle track on Sat after work, and to try out my NEW running rucksack that i got on Monday!! Its got nice low straps so no chaffed armpits, and the headphones go into the top so no loads of lead dangling! and option for water carrier tho i don't have the carry pack at the mo! not going to carry too much and see how far i get, did it 2 weeks ago and got to nearly 8km! :) A bargain at £11.99 from £34.99 in Mountain warehouse! :)

Happy running everyone, i have a day off today (YAY!)


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19 Replies

  • Hi ali

    Morning ali sounds like you're really enjoying your running mind you it's not surprising given your beautiful scenery.

    It doesn't matter how fast you run or how far. If you enjoy it and it's keeping you fit then that's great. You will keep improving though the more runs you do as you are getting fitter. I find it hard too but you forget that at the end

  • You're right, great advice! did notice that i'm definitely less out of breath nowadays! :) justa had toiast and 2 mugs of tea, its turned to drizzly cold misty rain now here, glad i got out early! off on doggy walk next then some chunky soup making! :)

  • sorry excuse me not concentrating on the spelling! :X

  • I think I would just take my instructions from the sign on the lamp post for that hill :-) Well done... any run fast or slow is a good one :-)

  • thanks AndyD!! :) it certainly wasn't fast up that hill! :)

  • Sounds like you had a great run and have really found your enthusiasm again. Enjoy!

  • getting there! just back from doggy walk, feeling tired now! :) COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good for you Aliboo! Way to tackle that hill. I'm glad you found you OOOMPH! :)

  • Thanks, think hills are starting to get easier a little ! :)

  • Well done! I spent all summer moaning about the hills in France, now I'm in super-flat Cambridge, I find I'm missing them! No pleasing some people eh? I'm surprised to find I'm no faster on the flat, I suppose I must make up some time on the way down!

    That's great time too if you ask me! I dream of that!

  • Thanks curlygurly, I think I like the challenge of a hill sometimes, thanks for the kind words :)

  • Chunky soup! Just the thing for post run eats when it's cold and wintry. Great fuel!

    I made spicy roots soup. Bit hot mind. All from my garden, well cept praps the ginger

  • Mine was butternut sq, sweet potato, celery, lentils, chilli, so spicy too,! Yummy! :)

  • Wow well done - looks very wet & windy as well as hilly! I definitely plan routes to avoid hills but luckily in Norfolk we don't have many anyways :)

  • Rain held off but def windy! Thanks! :) the beaches in Norfolk are vast compared to ours! :)

  • Well done Ali, oh that scenery looks perfect, I wish I lived near the sea, its my dream....

    Blimey that hill looks wicked , great to hear you're enjoying your running so much , great post ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, id love to have a sea view from my house but that might be pushing it, its lovely to be so close I know. ....hope you get your wish. The hill is quite short so its over quickly, I'm getting more determined with hills now, :)

  • Well done aliboo I know that hill very well from my early years in Shanklin. I have cycled up and down it, used to go down it with my friend in the go cart we made from old bits of wood and pram wheels using our shoes as brakes until we upgraded to a wooden lever brake we could press on the rear wheels. Not sure I would want to run up it too many times so congratulations as I know how steep that hill is. Sea looks great, one of those days when you walk along the shore line looking for what has been washed up by the tide.

    Keep on running. Regards exwightman

  • I can just about cycle up, and go down there cautiously! My OH rides down there brakeless he likes speeding down there ! Think thats only my 3rd run up it now! Your go carts sound like fun ! Hope youare ok? Yes choppy old sea , but not as blowy as tues eve by Sandown pier! :)

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