A kick up the bum

So I haven't run for a while due to the IC, but I notice the IC getting more comfortable and the prospect of a 5K more intimidating.

I think the time has come to get off the IC and back out running. The twinge in my back is still there, but a minor annoyance rather than a debilitating, 5-year-old crybaby inducing, centre-of-the-universe type pain.

I did consider doing a few K rather than 5K but 'me running a 5K' is still a fragile concept in my head and if I don't do a 5K the gremlins almost certainly will win and 5K will become a 'thing', if you know what I mean.

So, a slow, gentle, flat 5K is on the cards for tonight. Will let you know how it goes!

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  • Good luck with tonight's run, i was getting like that not through injury but laziness i had already gone from 3 runs a week to 2 and even that was looking like being cut down to 1 but fortunately i have got back into more of a routine in the last week and hopefully will get out 3 times this week.

  • hope all goes well x

  • It is a far greater thing....etc etc.

    May the twinge remain tiny, may the annoyance remain absent, may the gremlins remain gagged, may the 5 remain feasible and the run become reality☺

    Okay..sometimes I go over the top...Good Luck😉

  • Sometimes????? 😄

  • :(

  • Good luck, enjoy it yatesco :)

  • Mmmnnnn I know you want to run 5K but it might be less of a risk to ease back into it and try a gentle 3'ish K? Just saying........

  • Whatever does it for you, but I would do as IP says - a short distance you know you can do = success! You can do 5k next time xx

  • Good luck mate

  • No such thing as Gremlins. Just get back out there. A gentle, short jog should help loosen you up a bit.

    Have fun!

  • Very best of Irish luck being sent your way for tonight's run! 🍀🍀🍀

  • I am in the Irishprincess camp, better to build up again rather than go straight to 5k , hope it went well for you☺

  • You've probably done it by now Mr Y, but coming back from injury needs to be carefully considered. I too am returning after a back injury and no heroics from me........l started with a 2.5, then a couple of 3.6s and only then got up to 5k, which l stuck with for a couple of weeks before increasing one weekly run by a couple of ks until l hit 10k again this weekend. There is no shame in caution and trying to slowly rebuild my condition has been a necessity, since my running has been disrupted since December.

    Good luck. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Well then, Yatesco, are you back yet? And how did it work out?

  • How have you gone on Yatesy ? Have you been ?

    I was thinking , its much safer for you to be outside running than inside doing the decorating :-)

    Yep I agree with O' HRH, easy does it for the first time back .

    Mind that lawnmower on your way back in ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks all. I will be running after I finish with the kids at the swimming pool. A nice late-evening run in Bradgate park :-)

  • Good luck honey. Hope it goes well. As you say to me slow and steady. We can do this x x x x x☺

  • Best of luck. Hope it goes well

  • So yeah - a lovely relaxing, just what I needed 5K: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

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