Someone kick me up the bum please

I've lost momentum on my running.

I had to stop about four weeks ago because of my back. I went to the back man who pretty much sorted it for me, ran 3 times and it started to hurt again. So back I went and now it appears to be completely sorted.

Except I haven't run again. I was due to go today but chickened out because it was absolutely hammering it down.

I was on week 7. Why did I stop. I'm so cross at myself. I keep telling myself that I will start again on Monday - but whats wrong with tomorrow. Or Friday. Or the weekend.

I was in such a good routine - run after work on a Monday and Wednesday and morning run on a Friday. Then long walk with the dog on a Saturday and Sunday. Its all gone completely out of the window. But the 10k I'm doing in September and the 5k I'm doing in October are still there!!!

And my diet has gone to pot. I've put nearly half a stone back on over the last month. I'm comfort eating (rather stressful time with my 12 year old at the moment - potential diagnosis of M.E.).

Someone please come along with their very large boot and kick me up the behind!

Edited to add - how far back in the programme do you think I should go? I know that I can't go straight back to week 7. Do you think week 6, day 1. Or week 5, day 1? Or even further back that that?

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  • One VEREEEE large boot up bottom coming your way!

    You can do this, c'mon back & join the happy runners! ๐Ÿ˜†

  • week 7 - just do it again, take it nice and easy. You'll soon be graduating - remember to keep a good posture, dont lean forward while on the flat. GET OUT THERE AND RUN :D

  • So, you've had a tough few weeks but that's no reason to think you can't get back in to it. Remember how good it makes you feel and just go out and start - lay out your running kit and just put it on first thing in the morning. You'll feel so pleased with yourself once you get going! I have no doubt that when you start running again it will also help you with your eating as you will start to feel back in control and able to control that side of things too. I think I'd give it a go at starting week 7 again, but keep it slow, and if that seems too much then go back to week 6.

    You can do this!

  • My daughter has M.E. and running is my main source of sanity right now! Go for it!!

  • Oh dear Debih, now you write I realise I haven't seen you for a while. By writing this you have made the first step in getting started again. Please do, although make sure the wind has dropped a bit before you go (it's been impossible down here on the south coast for the last 2 days). I think a 4 week gap might mean you struggle with W7 and I think you need a run in which there is no set back as your first run. Perhaps go back to W4 or 5 and see how it goes? You will soon get back to where you were. Good luck.

  • I'd also recommend going back a couple of weeks at least - maybe try a week 4 run, and if that's easy, go to week 5 run 1 for the next, and pick it up from there. If the first few are easy and achievable, that might just help you get your mojo back, whereas if they're too hard because you've not gone back enough, for me that would make it even harder to pick up again.

    What sometimes works for me is giving myself permission to not want to go out - which isn't the same as permission to not go! So I can get changed, get my shoes on, and get out of the door, all while grumbling that I don't want to do this. But once I'm actually out there, it's fine. :)

  • Thanks all.

    My running stuff is in my bag. I'm at work til 11am tomorrow but I intend on going before I come home.

    I'm going to start from wk 5.

  • Good plan. I think I'd be tempted to go back to a week that I'd guess I could do easily. That way get some positive vibes at completing them, and easing back into the routine.

    Edit. Doesn't matter how many weeks it takes to complete the program if it helps you to actually complete it !

  • There is no magic's a case of trainers on and out the door before you talk yourself out of it. Maybe focus on how it can release some stress and add more energy not remember that, running gives you energy and your 12yr old needs you on form! Cmon !!! Next post = you buzzing after a run out :)

  • One of my mantra's is ... I'm saving a life, my own.

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