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5x50 Day 38

The excess eating yesterday (as my 'reward' for attending the dentist ;-) ) didn't put me off my stride today. The nip in the air put me off going out running initially, but when the day had reached the balmy heights of 1.5°C I headed out in cropped leggings and long sleeved running top over the short sleeved one.

I used my Speed2 podcast today (5K+ Speed, doubled) and I did 10 or 11 of the 12 intervals. I lost count, but know it was definitely 10+ which took me to 23 minutes running. I then switched to the rock/pop 'running tracks' on my mp3 player and tried to keep the pace steady until I reached 5K. I then allowed myself to slow a smidgen, and kept going until I reached the village post office where I had to stop to go in to collect a parcel. 7.7 km in 46 mins

I was delighted when I saw my stats - I managed to beat the previously elusive "5K in 30 mins" for the first time, doing the first 5 km in 29.42 :-)

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Wow - well done you! :-)

How did you double the Speed podcast? Someone was talking about restarting it and then running the 10 minutes before the intervals would start again, but 10 mins is quite a long run between intervals.

I think Speed is the most strenuous workout, I've never managed more than a few minutes tacked on the end. Haven't done it for over a week now tho due to itunes problems so I'm planning another go on Friday.

And you did all that and then (presumably) managed to speak to the Post Office person? Really impressive and I'm not joking about that! :-)


I used Windows Moviemaker* to cut and splice two copies of the mp3 file, to extend the podcast. I cut the first file at the end of the last 165 running session, then added in a second copy of the file, cropped and starting with one minute of the 155 initial jog, then onto the 6 intervals. I've saved this new 38 minute podcast as Speed2.

*I used Moviemaker as this is a programme I know, having used it to make AudioVisual slide shows previously.

It would be better downloading a proper audio editing program, such as Audacity and learning that, as it produces mp3 files. Moviemaker produces a wma file which works on my Sansa clip mp3 player, but I'd not vouch for it working on other devices.

Yes, I did speak to the postie, then had a 1.5 km walk uphill back home carrying the (small) parcel and the local paper.


Thank you, but that is WAY too technical for me, Swanscot... :-( Maybe my son can do something with it for me. Meantime I'll just stick to my own version, 30 mins own music with my 900m circuit of the woods split into 3 slower and 3 faster sections. Worked quite nicely last time.

Good luck for your next run! :-)


woah! %k in under 30 mins. you are a star! Very well done!


That was supposed to be 5k of course!


I have done very little today so far. A bit of walking in the endless rain.

Don't know what to do tonight.


Well I finally got out for a run tonight. I wore my tights for the first time and went into the woods. It was very dark but I got to use my new head torch.

Pretty spooky running through the woods in a circle of light obscured by the plume of my breath. It's freezing outside.


2 years ago hubby bought me a really good treadmill (gym standard). It went into a spare room and I half heatedly used it. He then set it up in the garage with all my other redundant gym equipment but I couldn't build up the enthusiasm to use any of it in there as I was looking at a freezer and tumble drier!!

Tonight I asked him and eldest son to take it into my lounge (yes my lounge) and I had a very brisk 5k walk at an incline of 12, took me 50 minutes while watching Corrie that I had recorded and it didn't feel I was exercising. Tomorrow I will attempt a run on it as soon as I get up as I have my 2nd lithotripsy on the Achilles so won't be able to do much after it.

Luckily I have a fairly big lounge, but even so it is rather obvious, but then again winter is coming and I will use it there....


Hope the lithotripsy goes well and that you'll soon begin to notice an improvement in your ankle.


Good luck with the lithotripsy.


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