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5x50 Day 5

Day 5, the weather seems to holding off during the day at least.

God know what this will be like in October.

I have settled in to my new routine, apart from my sore ankle. (Yes I am still moaning about it)

It's been so easy to fit the extra walking in by lunchtime that I don't know why I didn't always do it.

Before I did the C25K I started by walking at lunchtime which I gave up when I started running.

I wonder now if I should have tried to keep the walking up along with running in the evening.

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George, I hope that ankle of your stops giving you gyp soon!

I'm just in the door from my run (am I addicted to this site or what?) and can report I ran just over 6 km, followed by a 2 km walk home. This was a new route today - although I've walked it in the past - and I missed one of the small tracks I meant to take in the woods, so this made the cool down walk longer than I planned.

The 6 km running was done as 4 x 10 minute intervals - following the B210K podcast. I found it hard and had to really push myself to keep going, Anyway, it was a nice route - through Belladrum Estate and past the Italian gardens where the Tartan Heart music festival is held.

I'm off to do my yoga stretches and get a shower.


I have downloaded the B210K and hope to get into it as soon as I Can.


Did 10K on the excercise bike tonight felt tempted run back fom the gym as I don't feel too bad, resisted though.


Well done, I did 15k on the bike at the gym, at a very low level but hadn't been on a bike for more than 30 years. Was a bit wary but didn't have time to think about it as had youngest grandchild last night so thus morning was rather hectic and went to the gym as soon as I dropped him off. Must say I quite enjoyed it. Weather here is pants so will so run tomorrow at the gym. Saturday may be a problem as going to Leuchars air show,may manage to walk 5k walking about all day. 35k clocked up so far. Hope your ankle gets better soon and stops giving you problems!


Hope the weather holds for the air show that should be quite good.

Felt a bit like I was taking it easy at the gym sitting down whilst my wife was getting on with Week 4 Run 1.


Oh also that's 10% of the challenge done.


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