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5x50 Day 27

I got off the bus very early this morning and have managed a 4K walk before i've even started the day.

Pretty pleased with this, and with what I managed yesterday.

Will get out at lunchtime and have the equivalent of a rest day by not having to do anything tonight.

I am glad that I ran last night, that's two runs in a row with very little pain in my ankle.

I think last night was also means I have tried all the C25K Plus podcasts now.

My natural pace is way below the pace of the podcasts.

Maybe one day i'll run 5k in under 30 minutes.

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Good news that your ankle now seems to be holding up to the running - and you're avoiding skidding into muddy puddles!

Friday is my long slow distance run day, so this morning I eagerly poked my nose out the door - and promptly went back inside! It was cold ~ °4C. I changed into a long-sleeved shirt (the first time I've needed one) and got my running gloves - but kept the shorts. I ran up and down my stairs a few times to warm up, then tried again.

I set off down the single track road and onto the private estate road and had a lovely long slow run - although I ran too fast. According to the training pace calculator I should be aiming to run 8.3 min kilometres for the long run and Runkeeper tells me a bit faster than that. Never mind, I managed to keep going for my planned route including running back up the small hill to the house. Then, just in case I was slightly less than the planned distance, I continued past the house for about 500m and return.

I managed 9.2 km in 70 mins.

I arrived back at the house just as a parcels delivery van arrived so that was perfect timing.


How do you find warming up in the house before you go out?

I do hate that 5 minute warm up walk, especially in bad weather.


I usually do it in the garden or going a couple or minutes up the road from the house then returning to dump my sweatshirt (and trackie bottoms if I was wearing them). But today was a very cursory warm up as I knew I was running slowly. I counted the fetching/carrying logs for the stove from the wood store as part of the warm up!


You 2 have put me to shame today! I was out last night, very late with lots of lovely people and lots of cocktails.....I am getting too old for these occasions and my body is not happy with me today. I may get to the gym this evening for a cycle or out for a walk.

I need to grow up instead of growing old disgracefully.......

I shall report back later if I clock up some k's.


As you had a good time it's worth it the following day.


> I need to grow up instead of growing old disgracefully.......

Oh no! Don't do that! ;-) I hear that 'growing up' is not all it's cracked up to be. Keep on acting disgracefully, but with just a wee bit of energy left for walking! ;-)

btw I did my run today following 4 hours sleep. I woke at 4am when eldest son left for work and could not get back to sleep at all :-( I'll need a nap later.


6.5k walk to meet hubby after work. Now relaxing in front of the tv. Will do much better tomorrow!


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