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Hello week 9 - 5k this week??

Up a little later today as I fancied running along the Trans Pennine Cycle Path. It can feel a bit remote there so I figured I'd wait until a couple of dog walkers were out. I thought I might try for the whole 5k and as the path has 1/2k markers I figured it would be easy to work out if I managed it. I must admit body was feeling a bit sluggish, but I figured once we got going things would get easier. Huh!!

The 1st 2.5k were ok. I knew it wasn't the fasted I'd run, but it didn't feel too bad. Now the turn for home, straight into a head wind. Where the heck did that come from? I really had to dig deep to keep going. My sluggish body felt awful and the blasted gremlin on my shoulder started shoving it's oar in. You'll have to stop it kept whispering in my ear. You can't do it, you can't do it, grrr... I tried to drown it out with I am a mini Mo, I am a mini Mo... Those 1/2k markers that I thought would be so useful started to really annoy me. Where they really that far apart on the way out? Laura start to bug me. I don't care if I've been running for 20mins. I tried taking the earphones out to run without her only to realise I sounded like I was having a heart attack and quickly put them back in. I could feel me losing the battle. With less than 5mins to go I knew I wasn't going to make it. Not the 30mins and not my 5k. I could see the 4.5k marker just ahead of me. If I can make it there I thought I will call it a day. I made it!! but only just. I had about 3mins left of my run.

Walking back to the car I disected the run. I'd run 4.5k in about 27mins. At that pace I could have done my 5k in just over 30mins. Given the way my body had been feeling even before the run plus the head wind I realised I'd had a pretty good run. Yes I didn't run for 30mins. Yes I hadn't done 5k, but boy I'd been really close. I have 2 (maybe 3) more runs on Week9. I know it's doable. I'm really really close. On top of that I'm feling pretty flippn' good.

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Well done Anna it sounds as if you had a fairly good run, not perhaps your best but easily acceptable.


Well done AnnaDJ that was a great run. You're well on your way to graduation!


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