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Did my first 5k!

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Once again there was far too long a gap between runs, and my run 6 days ago was my graduation one. As usual I felt like I was dying at first and 5 mins was surely really 20 mins at least. But once I'd passed the 15min mark it got easier. When my 30mins were up and it said I'd done 4.2k, I thought what the hell, I'll carry on to 5k. And I did! 36 mins it took me and I'm not even sore today. So I have now officially gone from the Couch to 5k, whoohoo!!

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Isn't that just the best feeling?!!!

You go girl, you're a runner now.....keep up the good work.

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SallySparkleGraduate in reply to Grammadog1947

Thanks! Yes I'm over the moon today and am a bit annoyed at everyone else's indifference. It's worthy of some balloons, banners & streamers at least! ;)

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Well done! Great time for your first 5k!

Well done, it is a great feeling! Virtual banners, balloons etc here! ;-)

Well done!! What a brilliant achievement!! x

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Fantastic! Balloons,streamers and a fanfair! You'll get them all on here!

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That is wonderful! Well done x

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Well done you :)

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woohoo 2 u. well done what a great time too

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Well done you! I've just graduated and getting to 5k is my next goal, so you're an inspiration :)

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Fantastic stuff - well done!! And a great time too :-) :-)

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:) :) Well done. Fab time too...another person I can be jealous of :)

Woooohoooooo! Well done, Bravo, Fantastico, Marvellosa and more :)

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