Week 9,Run 1

Two words - Nailed. It.!!!! :D :)

On such a massive high having just done the first run on the home straight (sorry about that awful pun!) Comfortably through the 30mins,4.8k that stage so thought I'd carry on and finish the tiny bit to make the 5K and 5K ran in 32min 24secs. Best to date by a whole minute and really pleased :) Had I done Parkrun this week at home,it would have put me 30th out of 46,not bad going!

Can you tell I'm happy?! :)


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  • That's a really impressive time - well done! You are going to graduate so easily!!

  • Brillliant , Well done Mark ! :-) xxx

  • Oh my gosh, I'd be happy too! What a great time for the 5k. Looking forward to your 'party post', you'll hardly be able to contain yourself. Really well done :)

  • Brilliant, very well done!!!! Nearly there....

  • G R E A T !!!!!!!

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