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My running drought is over!

3 weeks after I had to take off my running shoes and give my legs a break, on the advice of a podiatrist, due to shin splints, bunions, pronation and ridiculously hypermobile feet...I got back out there again yesterday.

Three weeks doesn't sound long...WHEN it's anything else, but stopping running for that length, just as I'd conquered the 10k mountain was tough. I've had days when I've thought I'd never get back to it - frightened I'd lose my fitness, my motivation, my nerve.

I decided on Saturday that yesterday was THE day. I got my running gear out, shaved my legs (! excuses not to get them out to run ) and asked Mr C if he'd like to run with me - a BIG deal as we have never run together since I started the programme back in May...We have tried running together in the past, but he has more stamina than me and a longer stride so always leaves me trailing behind, swearing/crying with frustration.

The deal was a short, set course - no heroics. (I have to wear orthotics now and am still breaking them in). We set off with me in front, headphones plugged in, music on. First half mile or so - fab. Mr C steady behind me, me doing ok. Got to a steep, short downhill bit...I eased off for fear of tripping over myself, Mr C powered past me and away. Next half mile, I trailed him about 15 feet behind until a tight uphill right hand bend...where without trying, I overtook him and left him for dead for the remaining mile. By the end of the run, I was a steady 20 seconds ahead of him. Best of all, although my breathing felt a little hard going, my legs (and head) felt great - no toxic 10, no heaviness, no twinges, nothing.

Mr C commented that I obviously had my pace nailed - it never altered throughout.

Today, I can feel the run in the muscles on the outside of my lower legs - as predicted by the podiatrist, because my pronation has been corrected by the orthotics so those muscles are having to suddenly work harder and lengthen to accommodate the change.

I was on a high all day :-)

I'm hoping to get back to 3 runs a week, and maybe even a 10k race next month to make up for the disappointment of having to pull out of the Swansea 10k.

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Well done you. Very exciting... I've only recently started running but already can see that any length of time not getting out there will be challenging. Great you've kept your fitness. Enjoy


Thank you :-)

Running had become such a big part of my life, it was really hard to have to stop, just as I felt like I was doing well and reaching some long-standing goals.

It's lovely to hear you're enjoying it, too - good luck with the rest of the programme.xx




Wonderful to read that you are back to running. A really successful post. Thanks for sharing; these are the posts that keep us 'dropping' in.

You are really a runner now!


Welcome back Honorsmum, we missed you. I felt for you when you had to stop so it's lovely to hear that you did so well on your first run back. :)


It's great that you're back - and back in style, too! Good luck with the 10k :)


Hey! Great to see you're back out & on the run. Sucks to have those issues with your legs but sounds like they're on the mend.


You are all so kind - this is what I have missed so much, as much as the running...the support and encouragement of wonderful people. Thank


Well done you! You have made me feel inspired - I haven't been able to run since the summer due to very familiar foot problems as you. I am waiting for a referral to a foot specialist. I am hoping he can get me sorted so I can run again. I am itching to get out there - thank you and good luck.


Well done. That's really good news.


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