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9 miles; surely not?!


Hi All, I can't believe that I started C25K in October and could not run/jog for even a minute, but today I did 9 miles! Okay I was not ever so fast, but I didn't walk once. I've entered the Reading Half Marathon on 3rd April and hopefully I'll do it in 2.5 hours. Suffering a bit with left groin/hip ache so looked on line for stretches and they seem to be helping a bit. I would not be here if it wasn't for C25K and all your wonderful tips and support on those early months. Thank you to everyone and keep running!


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Absolutely fantastic, well done you x


Wow, that is impressive! Well done you!

Make sure you do your stretches religiously, also on resting days. You want to catch the pain while it is still manageable.

All the best, and happy running :)

That's fantastic Mummy1954, I will be happy just to achieve 10 K eventually! You are an inspiration to us all.

Good luck with your half marathon in April xx


Fantastic achievement - well done. I am still plodding away trying to get to 30 minutes!

This is amazing! 9 MILES! Blimey, you don't hang around! Good on you, that's fantastic to be doing such a distance already, you'll have the half marathon in the bag no probs - good luck and well done :)

Yay! Just over 9 miles is my distance PB too, done a few weeks ago so I know it is a bloomin long way - well done you! You're making great progress ☺

Thanks everyone for your lovely replies and support. I hadn't thought of stretching on rest days so thank you for that tip Tomas.

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