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Amazing but killed me. Very happy man here :-D

Well decided to go out this morning after stopping 3/4 way through 28 min run yesterday due to my wife hip giving pain, so we walked slowly back home. I have been waiting to go upto wk9 30 mins for abou 2 weeks now so gave it a go this morning but also went a slightly different route which had a long hill around 10 mins, I managed it but I think it took it out of me for the remainder of the run, I kept my pace down, deep belly breaths ha ha and kept going, and I bloody well did it, was hard but I did it. Need a rest day and will do it again, maybe without that long hill though.

Next thing kids want to bike riding this afternoon, oh no, glutton for punishment or what ha ha

Happy man here :-D


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Well done James!


Thankyou, just need to keep at it now :-)

I have the bug :-)


Wow, that is so impressive. No wonder it killed with a great big hill to go up! Well done. Doesn't matter if it was really tough for you, you did it! Have fun with the bike riding....


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