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Yesterday,Week 5 Run 3 Killed me and Todayyyyyy I Killed it

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WOW. So much can happen in a single day.

Yesterday I was so frustrated and angry on the extremely difficult run of Couch2_5K program, that I found myself wanting to reach out the community and point out that Week 5 Run 3 is impossible.

I mean, jumping from an 8 min run to straight 20 min run is insane. Yesterday, when I tried to attempt the last run of week 5, I was imagining a 15 min run. I actually had to stop and re-check if I was on the correct week. When I attempted the run, I knew there was no way I could finish the whole 20 min run, but I still attempted it. It was insanely difficult; I could literally count the number of mins I was running. By sheer will and panting like a dog , i managed my finishing point and almost collapsed. Right after stopping, the voiceover announced that there are only last two minutes left, but I had reached my finishing point so I had no absolutely mental strength left.

Believe me, when I say that it was only mental strength that brought me to my finishing point, I mean the sun was blazing at 30 C at 2pm mid-day, and I had little rest and sleep previous night. The only reason I went for the 20 min run was that I knew I couldn't finish the race in time, so I told myself I can stop anytime I want (reaching 15 min mark was my desirable target ).

When I started, only at 7 min mark, my body started to give up, since I only cud do an 8 min run ( I did the 8 min runs many times, so I was accustomed to it).

By sheer willpower and a strict refusal to quitting (actually here I tried a trick on my body, i kept telling my body "just reach that bench, now reach that fence and now reach that post", u see , the old carrot and donkey story), I somehow managed to reach my finishing point.

At that point (refer the second para), but then I calmed dawn and looked on the brighter side " I somehow managed to run 18 mins, and that too on my first try ".

Today, when I realized that I cud run 18 mins , I said to myself "why not give it another try". This time I was well rested and I chose my favorite time to jog "Midnight" so I was confident that I will complete the 20 min run, but the results tonight ( plz see the attached pic of my run and distance covered), surprised the Mashallah (Praise be to Allah ) out of me..............

During the run tonight, I barely felt the ten min mark, fifteen min mark was nothing, and then finally when i stopped (31 Mins) , I was still in pretty good condition and could have run for further two mins.

After seeing the results tonight, I am confident that I can very easily cover the 25 and 30 min runs and may be even go further, Inshallah (Allah Willing).

Thank you for reading my post, I doubt if someone will fully read it but I am so happy today that I needed to share my happiness with someone, that was this community and you guys. Again, thanks.

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Very well done, so much of this is mind over matter as you now know! Enjoy a rest day and then face down week 6 😊


Read it all, and you did ran it; of course! πŸ‘

I read all your post!! I totally get it - my next run is r3 of week 5 and I can’t say I’m excited 😊 struggled a bit with my breathing on second run today but I’ll give it a go tomorrow and keep u in the back of my mind thank u


Well done! In the heat it is extra difficult. Go slow and steady, be well hydrated. Good music definitely helps me too!


I read it! Big congrats to you for breaking down that mental barrier. Much of the time it is mind over matter, and now you’ve done this, you can do anything. Keep running! 😊


Well done. I had a similar difficult experience the first time I tried W5R3, and like you, once I got over the mental hurdles I surprised myself and managed it. It’s a great feeling. Keep going.

Many Thanks Jenny. I read your post about W5R3. it was nice to see that there are others who are struggling and succeeding in fitness arena.


I read it all!! Well done, the mental strength it takes to do this is quite amazing. It really is mind over matter.... well done!!


Well done..but do remember those rest days between your run days 😊

Thank you all for your support. I had no one to share this with. My family and my friend-circle are not into fitness, so they dont really care, so it was very nice of all of you guys to show me your support. I will try to be a regular poster here and share my experiences with you all.



Well done! Those of us ahead of you in the journey know exactly what you mean.

You clearly have a strong faith in your religion. Deploy that to have faith in this programme and faith in yourself. You absolutely can do this.

Week 6 is tricky. Don’t be fooled by the shorter runs. Take it steadily and you will prevail.


Its all a mind game. You've cracked the milestone now... you're off and running (literally!)

You certainly can, and will do this!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜

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