We Did It! We Did It!!!! We Did It!!! (My Dog and I)

I'm so so happy I can hardly believe it!! My dog and I have just completed Week 9 Run 3 (and almost 5k).

Here are the positives:

We can't wait to go on the next run (even if I always feel a bit nervous before I go - the dog never complains)

Feeling fuller and eating less (not sure how that happened) - less water retention too

Just beginning to see some muscle profile return to these old legs

Not sure if I've lost weight having thrown my scales away but definitely changed shape (for the better!)

Have managed to dull down the gremlin that sits with me on these runs and tells me I'm not going to make it

Here's what got me through:

My family (though they are bored to death now with all my enthusing)

My trainers and bra

My dog

Laura's tips: Big inward abdominal breaths when a stitch looms up and to get the oxygen in and Keep Calm - has been my mantra

Minimum stretching before the 5 min warm up, drinking water before going, longer stretches afterwards and more water.

Turning points were:

When I got up one morning and said "I dont really want to go for a run" and my husband said "Don't then..." and with that I thought sod it I'm going (where as my old self would have just given in and not bothered),

Packing my trainers before anything else when going on holiday and taking a deep breath and just running in unknown territory (in Skye!)

My worries now will be running in the street when it gets too dark to run in the woods (and how will I manage the dog?)

I wish I had written in here as often as I have looked in here. All the tips you guys have shared have been invaluable to me and if I had kept a blog going I would be able to remind myself when the going gets tough what I did to get through (because now I can't remember the negatives). So a big thank you from me to all you regular bloggers.

Now off to claim my badge and order that T Shirt..... and I'll be back


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20 Replies

  • Well done you, congratulations!! Feels fab doesn't it! I've graduated too, just waiting for my green badge now... :o)

    Happy Running :o)

  • Well done! I now want a dog...

  • What a lovely blog! Well done! I'm looking forward to feeling your wonderful sense of achievement sometime in the next 3 or 4 weeks (just completed W6R1, fairly chuffed with myself!). I love reading other people's blogs and find them really inspiring and comforting when they have the same highs and lows as me. More power to our legs, and hearts, and minds, and ........

  • Meant to say please ignore profile picture, I'm trying to change it with not much success! Any ideas, anyone?

  • What a fab blog post, well done you - from me and my (now very fit) Bedlington terrier!

  • Well done on your graduation!!

  • Fabulous well done, reading blogs like yours keeps me encouraged to complete this too, many thanks :-)

  • Congratulations! A badge for you and a bone for the dog :)

  • Congratulations on your achievement. I'd like a dog to keep me company as well but my wife really doesn't like them.

  • Fabulous! Can I borrow your dog, mine's getting stroppy about going out for a walk at the moment.

  • Congratulations, I now what you mean about packing your trainers first!

  • You should have seen the look on my husband's face!

  • Thank you everyone - it's even more exciting receiving replies to your blog!!

  • Congratulations, to you and your dog (s/he should get a green badge too). Loved reading your blog, it made me smile. It's a fab feeling, isn't it, to know you can do something you never thought possible? Enjoy the glory!

  • Congratulations! I've just graduated too and am now looking forward to thinking/saying "I'm just off out for a 5K run" and knowing that I can do it! :-)

  • Thank you! Your gym looks just like mine!

  • Fantastic achievement - shiny green badge for you and a treat for the dog!

  • Well done!! I've got six dogs - 5 lurchers and 1 small terrier and I keep looking at them trying to decide who would run best with me. The terrier has the stamina but likes sniffing too much and the lurchers all want to be Usain Bolt lol!! In Trail Runner, out on thursday/friday, they are reviewing "running with your dog" kit and I think I may well be picking one up - especially as you've inspired me to have a go!!

  • Well done to you and your dog. I run with my dog and spent alot of time encouraging him to move faster and not stop or begging him to slow down, especially if a cat or squirrel can be seen in the distance!! Will persevere though!

  • What a great blog! I particulaly loved your reponse to your husband's 'advice'! I hope you find a nice route to run during the winter, and I hope the dog enjoys it too!

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