OMG I only went and did it ... the Great North Run!!!

Who'd have thought it?! I started running a year ago at the ripe old age of 56. Literally never run since junior school and not at all fit and here I am! Can't pretend it was easy but I did run just about all the way (apart from when I stopped to go to the loo and again on the very last hill). My time was 2 hrs 56m - would have been at least five minutes less if not for that loo stop :o). I know compared to a lot of people that's not a great time but I'd reckoned on about 3 hours so I was happy with that. Oh - and hubby checked on my position which was 37,845 - out of a field of 56,000 I didn't think that was bad for a "non-runner"!

Today - I'm OK - as long as I keep moving, otherwise I seize up. Would I do it again? Maybe - give me a few more days to recover and I'll let you know. Do I want to go for the "big one" - a marathon? NO THANKS - all respect and good luck to anyone who fancies that but definitely not for me! I'm doing the Sheffield 10K in a couple of weeks though - that should be a doddle by comparison!! I really can't believe I'm saying these things :oD

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  • lolb your a star, very well done your time sounds pretty darn good to me girl. Hope the muscles ease off soon, gentle walks today, up and down stairs a few times if you can. Take care, many congratulations from couch to 1/2M in a year is huge achievement :)

  • Thanks Oldgirl. I can tell you I was very grateful for the post-run massage offered by the charity I was running for - hopefully that and the half-hour soak in a hot bath as soon as I got home will mean that the sore muscles don't get too bad or last too long.

  • Absolutely fantastic achievement I can almost feel th smiling you must be doing. :-)

  • Well done, that's a great achievement! You sound rightfully proud of yourself. Enjoy the feeling! :)

  • Well done that's great! It is an amazing acheivement to go from couch to HM within a year. I hope to join you in this club by the end of October!

  • Well done. Have managed 10k once since starting a year ago - you've done brilliantly. Linda

  • Congratulations and well done on a fantastic achievement! You must be well chuffed!

  • I bet that you didn't have that in mind when you started C25k a year ago. A great achievement and a great inspiration to a recent graduate, aged 57. Thanks for that. I am aiming at a 10k race, first of all, but I know what is possible, now.


  • That is a fantastic achievement, you are right to feel really proud of yourself. I myself am sticking with the 5k :) and will just try to speed up a bit x

  • Tremendous job lolb. I did the run too and I was astonished at how much of it seemed to be uphill. To keep going (even with a loo stop) for the last 3 mile uphill took real stamina and guts. Your first HM, and my first since the GNR thirty years ago. What a pair we are. I feel honoured to have (however unwittingly) been there with you.

    The only way is up! But please, not so much of an up for at least a little while :)

  • This fantastic lobl. In such a short time from C25K to HM, your a star :)

  • Oh my god that's amazing!!

    Huge congratulations to you! What an achievement! Well done

  • fantastic achievement, I hope you celebrated, what an amazing feeling eh!!!

  • That's brilliant ! Well done :-)

  • What an amazing, amazing achievement - I'm in awe of you!xx

  • You are an inspiration! Brilliant achievement in a year- you should be so proud!

  • Well done! It must be a great sense of achievement, I can't imagine running that distance!!

  • Fantastic achievement, well done you! What an inspiration!

  • Fantastic. You are an inspiration!

  • That's absolutely fantastic!

    How did you train for that?

    Well done, what an inspiration you are.

    I've just done 5.5 miles on my 55th birthday.

    Seems a bit lame now......!

    Brilliant job! x

  • Not lame at all! Could you imagine running that distance, say, 6 months ago? I used Adidas micoach for my training plan. Basically it was two short runs during the week, parkrun on Saturday a long run on a Sunday that got progressively longer until I reached 10 miles. Consensus seemed to be that if you can run 10 miles you can run 13 which is obviously true but, with hindsight I would do 2 or 3 10 milers, and maybe an 11 or 12 miler. I think that would have made it easier and also given me confidence that I could do it! I think when you first do any distance (5k, 10k or whatever) half the battle is believing you can finish. Congratulations on the 5.5 miles and happy birthday!

  • Thank you!

    I've been running 1x30 minutes


    and 1x longer run increasing by 0.5k a week.

    By my reckoning that should take me another 24 weeks to get to HM!

    Oh well, slow and steady is my mantra!

    Also aiming to get sub 30 mins for my 56th birthday.

    Timed today and did 34 mins so have 11.5 months to get there!

  • Well done you; what a long way you've come since starting C25K (and GNR!). I'm doing the Sheffield 10K too; hope it's a bit warmer than it is here today!

  • Congratulations, I know how you feel - took up running this time last year - aged 50. Did the Cheltenham Half Marathon at the weekend while you were running the GNR. I am with you as far as the marathon goes - no thanks.

    You should be really proud of your achievement, hope you celebrated well!


  • Congratulations to you too! Well done - great feeling isn't it? I'm afraid I was too shattered for more than one glass of wine but will definitely celebrate this weekend.

  • Enjoy!

  • Fantastic achievement. Well done!

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