Weeeeeeee! I did it... where's my lovely badge?!

I'm so happy, I did my graduation run this morning and phew, it was a bit hot already (it's been mid 40s these last few days and the nights are still 20º), so bits of it were tougher than of late, but I did 5k in around 30 mins (I'm going by my playlist timings as I forgot my watch) and then ran a few minutes longer just to prove to myself that I could.

I'm so grateful to C25K and to all of you on this forum for tips and encouragement - I have never seen such a positive and kind forum as this and I'm so happy to be part of this community. Thank you.

I've got a longer term goal of doing a 5k Canicross race with my youngest dog. I still have to train him a bit more for it cos he loves running to play other dogs so much, but he's certainly fit enough - they run about two or three times the length I ever do when I run. I was invited by a friend to do an event in October in Burgundy, but it looked a bit flash and scary for a first one, full of uber-fit guys with huskies running up hills... although now thinking about it, there is something to be said for that!! And now I'm really looking forward to my graduation present (all Phil72's fault!) of a Garmin 410 - that's going to be exciting and motivating as well.

I'm only a pound away from my weight watchers target goal - weigh-in day is Friday, so you never know, I could do the double this week, how fantastic that would be, and what a turnaround from this time last year when I had no clothes that I could get into and was invisible when I went out - I've become visible again, it's like magic!

Anyone just starting out - go for it, you'll be so glad you did, I can't tell you! It does more than just make you fit, it helps with those gremlins in your head too. I look forward to running now, and a friend of mine who is also doing C25K, now in week 5, says she feels like a spaniel needing to go out for a run, haha, and I know how she feels.


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19 Replies

  • Congratulations! I'm so looking forward to when I graduate - I can't wait to be able to just up and go for a 30 min run.

  • Thanks swanscot - it's a great feeling, and now I am starting to be able to look around while running and enjoy the countryside more, rather than concentrating so hard to just keep going. You'll be here before you know it!

  • Well done Suki - you are one of my benchmarks so I'm following right behind. Go celebrate with a new Garmin 410 - I for one totally approve ;-)

  • Thanks DeliaItaly - and referring to your comment below re visible women, yes, I feel like I've rejoined a club that I hadn't wanted to leave! Are you in Italy? It must be hot there at the moment...

  • Congratulations from someone at the other end, it's great to see people achieve their goals.

  • Thanks Chewy, I could hardly sleep last night cos I wanted to do this run so much, haha :-)

  • Btw Suki, I know eactly waht you mean about being invisible - only 4 weeks into the program and I too have already become visible again! Here's to (in)visble women everywhere...

  • Well done Suki, be proud very, very proud. Don't forget to send JR21 (John) a message to say you have completed the programme and he will sort the badge for you :) Nice one.

  • Thanks Oldgirl, you've been one of my inspirations all through. I've messaged John already - couldn't wait :-) Looking forward to planning some interesting runs, and I'm going to download the C25K+ podcasts all you graduates have been talking about, they sound a bit daunting!

  • You'll be fine Suki witn the new podcasts, listen to your body, don't worry and relax into your running, battle over ;)

    I loved the Speed workout, Stamina is quite hard so my thoughts would be work on 5K distances before you tackle this one but heyho the choice is yours, I love having the new podcasts, I treat them a bit like lucky dip, which one will I do today? mmmmmmm. I hope you continue to enjoy your running as much as I do. :)

  • Thanks - I will definitely heed your words because I don't want an injury that would stop me running cos I love it! I have run the 30 minutes 6 times now as I did week 8 like that as well as week 9 as I felt 28 wasn't that different from 30 so kept going, I expect a lot of people do that. I want to work on my speed now and I've just received the Garmin that I treated myself to for finishing, so that will be a great help once I work out how to use it...! I want to work on 5k as a distance to race (I can't believe I am writing this, I hated sport and PE) so I might follow one of the programs that takes you up to a 5k race over 12 weeks once I target a race. I want to race with my dog though (canicross) so I have to find one of those, lol! Happy running to you too!

  • Congratulations suki, I love reading graduation blogs like this & the sense of pride & achievement that fills them. I'm only just over a week away myself and this spurs me on. :-)

  • Thanks so much notbad, it's really worked wonders in my life and made me feel so much better about myself. I'm becoming a bit evangelical though - I must be careful not to bore my friends! :-)

  • Running evangelism is a side affect of C25k I'm afraid, thank heavens for this blog where we can yak on about running to our hearts content with like minded souls without fear of boring the unconverted. :-)

  • Well done - what a FAB start to the week! :)

  • Thanks so much doggymum, it really is!

  • Congratulations, you must feel fantastic, looking forward to seeing that green badge ;-)

    Went for my W9R2 this morning with my Garmin :-) and I it's great knowing your distance on your wrist, I'm sure you'll enjoy after you've figured it out. Looking forward to comparing badges on Wednesday.....WELL DONE!!!

  • Thanks Phil - I just got it today! But today's a rest day - boooo! Here's to tomorrow though! I love gadgets and I'm made up with this one - all the very very best for Wednesday - I'll be thinking of you!

  • Really pushed myself today as the first run after graduating and with the Garmin - managed 5k in 28m19s and went 5.02k in 28m27 - so really slowing down at the end. I found out later that on the last hill I was at 103% of my max heart rate...whoops! Don't the badges look lovely!

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