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Lost my mojo........and then found it !

Well I have completed run3 week 9 and feel lost. Asking myself can i keep this up without Laura although to be honest the music towards the end was quite random! And the weather!! I do admire you guys getting up at stupid o'clock before work or pounding the dark gloomy pavements after work.

So giving myself a good talking to....I didn't slog for 9 weeks(and the rest) just to give up. I've always wanted to run,and now I can.

I have invested in a fab pair of running shoes..felt good just being in the shop like I now am qualified to go in there. Also got myself a long sleeved top so no weather excuses.

Haven't hit 5 k yet and disappointed at that but yesterday did a 40 min run...hills and all. Nervously treading over those slippy leaves. It's not easy but when the going gets tough i think about week 1....desperate to stop after 30 seconds. My new jeans are too big for me. I have also lost tummy fat! Been hanging round the gym for years trying to beat that.

So what now? Well I have made myself a running playlist which I use with my iPod nano Nike sport thingy which gives me time and distance. I have changed my route..which includes a hill. Can't avoid them forever.!! And my next challenge is to run a 5 k race. I know I can do that.yesterday I hit 2.88 miles. In a moment of madness I also signed up for the bath half marathon. You are all praising the speed and stamina podcasts so going to give them a whirl. Have checked out the local running club and will pluck up courage to join and get me through those winter nights.

That's quite a list but I'm not quitting and i am not putting those big jeans back on.

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Big congratulations Julesdav you are in the club now, so to speak!! I am up to wk 7 and I'm not looking forward to the podcasts ending, I don't like the music but I like to know that Laura is there for me! Great that you have lost weight too, I haven't lost any yet, but I haven't been dieting either and my running only equates to about 200 cals according to my runkeeper app. Do you have a parkrun near you, that is going to be my target at the end.

Go for it and take those big jeans to the charity shop.


brilliant! well done julesdav.

i love the bit about youre feeling like youre 'qualified' enough to go get fab new trainers!!

i should say so!!

im not quite as far along as you in this program but I think i can tell already that people seem to need a goal towards "graduation" - like fun runs, park runs and yikes, even half marathons!! maybe you need to do that to spur you on a bit?

i agree with secretrunner - get them big jeans to the charity shop!! they are well and truly in the past!!

keep on running!!



Sounds like a lot of plans and aims to keep you busy for the next few months...especially the half marathon :O

Keep posting and let us know how you get on :)


Brilliant julesdav! Congratulations on Graduating :-).

Laura is on stepping stones, so she is still there to hold your hand. I do recommend doing that as it will hone your posture and timing skills. All a bit different, so something of interest to do whilst running, as you have the think.

Have fun-and keep on running! :-)


I was totally like you after graduating and really felt lost without Laura. I tried doing theC25K+ podcasts and didnt enjoy them. I also hated the music and was totally losing all motivation. So like you I made a running playlist with lots of cheesey dancey music which works for me! I also changed my route and although I'm not running lots further, for me the big thing is I am still running 40 ish minutes three times a week and more importantly am loving it!

Keep going and enjoy!


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