First time - I ran for 5k! (very, very slowly!)

I did it! After all my agonising and overthinking, I ran today for 5.69k. I deliberately kept it slow because I was worried I couldn't do the distance. it took 45 minutes and 49 seconds (yikes!) and I was absolutely jellylegknackered afterwards, but I did it :D

Question - I know this is very slow, and that many of you out there are heroes who can run 5k in 30 minutes, so what's the best way of speeding up?


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12 Replies

  • I don't have much idea on the speed question but just wanted to say Well done you!!

  • Thanks for the support, ceefin - I wasn't sure I could do it but I am chuffed to bits that I did!

  • Well done. :) That doesn't sound slow to me. I took about 50 mins to run my first 5K. Doing jog/run intervals is quite a good way to improve speed. You could try using the week 1 podcast, running at your usual pace for the 'walk' sections and going a bit faster (not sprinting, just faster) for the 'run' sections. You get to listen to Laura again. ;) Don't be tempted to go too fast as it is surprisingly hard work, but is a good way to get used to running faster.

  • Thanks, Legion. I look at all the people on here who have managed 5k in 30 minutes and I boggle at their brilliance! I did try going back to week 1 again but went too fast on my first run and never really recovered, so couldn't manage the whole thing, so your advice is very wise! If it's the way to increase speed, though, I'll try again, but as you suggest, take it carefully.

  • Well done, don't worry about distance it will come. I graduated in June and now just manage to do 5k in 43 mins.

  • Thanks, Gletap. I will carry on - at least I know I can do it now!

  • Fantastic, must have felt nearly as good as graduating! Well done. I too am a slow runner and haven't managed 5k yet, so it's my top priority but I know it'll take a while to get there (I couldn't run for the 45 minutes I'd need to do 5k). Like the concept of jellylegknackered. It's one we've all felt, I'm sure!

  • You're right, Soozz, it was almost as good as graduating! It was on a route I had scouted before and run in separate sections before, so it was all familiar, which helped. I graduated a few weeks ago but didn't have the confidence to try for 5k until now. You'll get there!

  • I've found running to the beat (as per C25K+ podcasts and Audiofuel) helps

  • Thanks, GoogleMe - I haven't had the nerve even to download the C25K+ podcasts yet, but perhaps it might be time. A lot of the comments on here have made me a bit wary, though - I am not a coordinated runner to start with, and the thought of having to count...!

  • If you go to you can enter the time per Km you want to run at and it will give you a long list of tracks with the right no of beats per minute to run at that speed. You could build your own playlist gradually ramping up the bpm to help you get faster.

  • Oh thanks, KANdoit - that's a fun idea. Some of the stuff on my mp3 player is... well, odd, to say the least!

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