And today - I ran for 5k :)

After suffering a mega crisis of confidence over the past two weeks, I decided today to go back to my roots and run on the treadmilll. I'd been really worried that I wasn't capable of running for a distance, in fact I was beginning to think I wasn't cut out for running as I've been obsessed with going faster than my snail pace and running on inclines and because I was trying to run faster and although I was completing runs without stopping, it was completely knackering me.

So today I ran on the treadmill, the longest I've run before on the treadmill was for 30 minutes but today I ran for 45 minutes and did 5.5K, yes slow I know but there you are, I still did it :)

Therefore I've proved to myself that:

a) I CAN run for 45 minutes

b) I CAN run for 5K

And you know what, the whole run felt bloody fantastic. I was able to speak, my breathing wasn't laboured and I even managed to sing along to a couple of bars of songs (thank you Foo Fighters, Placebo, Avril Lavigne, Tinie Tempah, My Chemical Romance).

So now I will work on my speed little by little and concentrate on doing the Race for Life in July and hopefully a parkrun before then but it not then that's fine.

Yay!! :)


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17 Replies

  • FANTASTIC!! That's amazing! Yay! well done - great feeling isn't it! Hurrah!

    Hopefully the sun will keep shining and you can go outdoors and do it again soon!

  • Yes it certainly is a great feeling!! Thanks :)

  • Fantastic! That's great! Glad you got your mojo back!

  • Yes it's well and truly back now :)

  • That is just brilliant! I can only run for 4km so far, but I'm determined to 'catch you up' and run for 5 in future :-)

  • Fantastic :) well done you!!!! :) we might not be gazelles yet, but there's nowt wrong with snails (or tortoises) that do the distance :)

    (loved loading my 5 k runs off the garmin at the weekend :) 5k is a race distance and so exciting :) and remember that's a steady constant treadmill pace - I'm still up and down on pace like a yo yo outside :) If I tried treadmill I'd probably be shooting of the back of it lol )

  • Yes a gazelle I ain't, just yet anyway!! ;) but I'm so happy that I managed to do 5K haha :)

  • Well done Minuette - great to hear that you are back on track and enjoying it :)

  • Great stuff Minuette...well done you!

    Non stop running for 45 minutes is mega!!!!! :) :)

  • wooo hoooo for 5k and 45 mins! :) :) so pleased for you

  • Thanks :) :) :)

  • Brilliant!! 5k and 45 minutes running is fabulous! I'd been feeling a bit disheartened lately too but joining the running club on Wednesday and nearly keeping up with the "regular" runners really boosted my confidence!

  • That's really great well done for running with the 'regulars' - you're one of them now!! :)

  • yey!!!!!!! I do exactly the same thing today for the first time too are the gods on the runners side today or what. big hi five to you!!!! woooooop

  • Woo hoo hi five back atcha!!! Well done! :)

  • Slow gazelles we all are but if you can run 5 k and for 45 mins your doing great.

  • I like the idea that I am not a snail or tortoise but in fact a "slow gazelle" - will keep that in mind on the next run,

    well done Minuette, I am going to try the 5k distance at the end of next week, I think I will be coming in at around 45 minutes as well

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