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Back again!


So this will be my second time doing this. I completed it a couple of years ago and was so proud of myself. Don't get me wrong I wasn't like a gazelle all elegant, fast and smooth but I did it and that was a massive achievement as I have the attention span of a gnat and I'm not really that interested in exercise.

However, I didn't keep it up. I'd give myself various different reasons as to why I couldn't go for a run but that's all they were, excuses.

So now I am back. I know I am incredibly unfit and I'm going to be annoyed with myself about how bad I've got, but I have to remember the feeling of how I felt before and how good it made me feel.

My first run is going to be after work tonight. I'm a little bit nervous because I think it's going to show me just how unfit I've managed to get but I'm feeling determined and in the right mind set, so that's the first goal.

Good luck everyone starting - hope it all goes well.

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Welcome back.

The guide to the plan is essential reading, even if you have done the process before.

Enjoy your journey.

Thanks - I'm looking forward to getting back into it :)

Welcome bac, you came back and that’s the main thing, also you know how it works, which is a good thing. Good luck and hope your second first one is a good one

LadyP79 in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks! In a weird way, kind of looking forward to it 😊


Welcome back! Don’t beat yourself up about how fit you are/ aren’t. Just thoroughly enjoy a fresh start and a new running adventure. Lots of people seem to really enjoy the second time round. 😃

LadyP79 in reply to Elfe5

I'll try not to be too mean to myself and just see it as a clean slate 😊

Welcome back! You'll stay this time won't you? 😊

LadyP79 in reply to msanni

I have the best intentions!! Going to run with my pup so the motivation is two birds with one stone, she gets to go out and I get fitter 😊


Take the advice of IannodaTruffe and welcome back :) Steady and slow you are going to be just fine :)

LadyP79 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks! I went out in the miserable weather, got splashed by a car but that didn't dampen the feeling of completing my week 1 run 1 😊

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