Graduation Run - This really works!!!!

Just back from my graduation run. I DID IT!!!! It feels like Christmas! including yesterday when I kept thinking about today, the big day. Didn't sleep very well as I was full of nerves. How mortified would I be if I had to announce here that I had failed my W9R3 run?

Anyway, it's a gorgeous morning and I woke up early and after a cuppa etc I was out by quarter to seven. I ran the streets in town that I started C25K on, then out to the river. It wasn't easy, there were a couple of long up inclines, where the gremlins jumped out to greet me, but I knew once I'd l got past that point it was all downhill or flat, hooray!

The last minute felt like I'd fallen into a time rift, it went on forever! My friend Amanda was there to cheer me in, waving a flag, I felt like Mo Farah finishing! I kind of visualised all the C25K community cheering me on too, to get me through the last five minutes. Used Laura for the warm up walk then my own music. I didn't do 5K but I did run 2.59 miles / 4.16 k; that is the furthest I have ever run in my life.

Got home to find my husband all ready to go out for his W1R1!!!! He said he'd do it when I graduated... I think he's fallen for Laura.

I want to say if I can do this anyone can. It's taken me 9 weeks and 4 days. I have never ever run in my life, except to trail in last at school sports days. It's not always easy, but it IS worth persevering. You CAN do it.

A huge thank you to NHS Choices and Laura for doing the podcasts and providing all the infrastructure for the programme and a RESOUNDING cheer and thank you to everyone in the C25K community, for your belief in me and the fantastic, overwhelming care and support. There's no way I would've got through this without you. Thank you.

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  • Well done you. Love the idea of your friend getting the flag out - it's been the summer for flag waving.

  • Congratulations! Its a fantastic feeling isnt it!

  • Fantastic!! Congratulations! Love the fact that your friend Amanda was there with a flag and also that your husband is now starting the programme. Good for him! You can relax now and bask in the glory! I bet you will have a smile on your face all day.

  • Well done on graduating. Your next challenge - should you wish to accept it - is to find a Parkrun local to you and go try it! Then you will get an official time for your 5k and something to focus on in the future to improve your PB!

  • Whoop whoop!!! :D *jumps up and down clapping and waving arms in celebration* Well done Soozz. So happy for you today. :D I bet it felt great running that route and remembering when just a minute or two felt so hard. :) Celebrate and enjoy your day. Knowing you've got hubby out and doing c25k as well must be fantastic. ;)

  • Thank you Legion, I feel sooo good today! Thanks for all your support, I feel we are virtual running buddies! I know you did the same thing for your graduation run, revisiting routes from the early weeks, I couldn't stand to do the route I stopped and walked, and this turned to be a really good stretch!

  • Yay! Very well done - it is such a buzz to finish it isn't it?....

  • Congratulations Sooz that's excellent news.

  • Thank you! There's going to be a big stupid grin on my face all day.

    My husband is MAD! he ran up a couple of hills on his first run and came back completely knackered. I hope next time he will listen to reason, and walk up any uphills and run on flat bits.

  • WTG Soozz. That really was a good friend with the flag

    Enjoy :)

  • Whoooppp Whoooppp and virtual pom pom waving! I was delighted to read that you'd graduated...knew w8 was just a blip! Well done you :) :)

  • Brilliant stuff Sooz. Massive congratulations on your graduation!! It's been a pleasure and an inspiration to share your journey on here. Please keep blogging to keep us all inspired and entertained!! :)

  • Weheyy!!! Well done Soozz, we WERE all cheering you on! Sounds like you've inspired your OH too, what a fantastic bonus. :-)

  • Well done Soozz that's brilliant! I'm glad we both made it, that's two new graduate badges!

  • Soozz, I am SOOOOO glad to hear that you've done your graduation run. Big congratulations and a virtual hug! WELL DONE ( :

  • Congratulations! I like to have a quick look through new graduates' previous blog posts to see how people following couch to 5k progress from week 1 to week 9. Noticing for example you dreaded a 3 minute run in week three and now you have managed to run for ten times that amount in a matter of weeks has really motivated me, so thank you so much for sharing your experience you so many others here are an inspiration. I am really determined now. I hope you continue with the running and achieve many great things.

  • Well done, Soozz - fantastic achievement and a great blog!

  • Sooz..WELL DONE!! I too will join you in that elite club tomorrow evening. Like you i'm a tad jittery at the thought of it but knowing that our friends in the group will be encouraging me on will no doubt make it easy, well i bloody hope so lol.

    So again "Bloody well done you" and see you on c25k+ yes?

  • Definitely, Sonicsplodge! You will be fine, after all you've proved you can do the runs. We'll all be there to virtually cheer you on. See you on the other side!!!

  • Congratulations, fantastic news! Keep on running! :)

  • Congrats Sooz! It's great that you have inspired your husband to get out there and do it. Well done!

  • Brilliant news! Well done, Sooz! Told you you could do it! :-)

  • Soozz (love the name)! You did it! Well done it must feel so amazing...not many things come close to Christmas eve after the age of 8..but I absolutely imagine that's how good it must be. And how ace is Amanda and her flag? I'd love that on my final run :)

  • Congratulations. It's an incredible feeling. Enjoy it!

  • Thank you all. What a feeling! And JR21 has given me a lovely shiny badge already! woo hoo.

  • Wow! This is so encouraging for those of us coming up the ranks. I am on week 6r3 tomorrow and feeling quite doubtful and shaky. Reading your post Soozz is pumping me up. By golly, I can do it! Thanks in part to you...

  • You CAN do it. I did it tonight and it was great. All you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other at a slightly faster pace than walking!

  • Followed your blogs, Soozz, and you were an inspiration, and a breath of fresh air. So very well done, very many congratulations on a brilliant graduation run.

  • I'm soooo happy to read this blog Soozz - many congratulations and lots of cheers from me!

  • Loved this blog!! 'It feels like Christmas' made me chuckle! What an excellent way to describe the feeling :D Total agreement!

  • A little late, but I'm waving my flag!! Cogratulations Soozz you are true inspriation. Well done and keep blogging we want ton hear all about your future runs too.

  • Not today's!!!!

  • Oh dear that bad?

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