Graduation run done...yeaaaaaaah!!

Graduation run done...yeaaaaaaah!!

...I've prepared a graduation speech (you know, like winning an Oscar?!)...*rustles paper*...

*clears throat*...I'd like to thank Laura - you're a star, with me most of the way (you left me in the middle of the very important w5 run, but I forgive you), the've been amazing, sometimes faster, but amazing...and you lot - yes you c25krs & grad's - I had you and your good wishes and encouragement with me all the way today! You are super! Thank you so much!! What a team :D

Finally, to anyone out there thinking about c25k, lurking, wondering if it's bloomin' well is!! Give it a go & tell us how it's going...we'd love to hear your story!

Okay, I hope caro, pauline, useit, catch & the rest of you lovely grad's have saved me a seat in the grad lounge - I need to sit down!!! Xx

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  • Congratulations on graduating :) really pleased for you, I'm starting my c25k journey today.

  • Thanks am :D. Good luck with your run today and enjoy the journey!

  • Congratulations on graduating! Now it's time to celebrate with tea, coffee, water, bubbles really whatever takes your fancy. Good luck with your next chapter in running. have you thought about what you might do next?

  • Thanks! :D i'm just keen to go a little further in 30/35 minutes, so hoping to increase my pace a little and have a more consistent pace throughout the run. To start with, I have a local circular route from home that I'd really like to do in that time - I'm about 1k off getting all the way round in one run.

    30/35 minutes, plus the warm up & down, is a doable amount of time for me, particularly on work days.

  • Congratulations! It feels great doesn't it? Now all you need is your shiny graduation badge :)

  • Thanks! It does...seems to have whizzed by, but relieved to have made it to the end. :D

  • Congrats! You did it! Please excuse me while I go and find another chair to put in the lounge with your name on it!

  • Thanks curly! Ah, that looks comfy, ta!

  • Congratulations! I'm sure we can shuffle up to make room for you here in the lounge. It feels good doesn't it!

  • Thanks catch. It does indeed! What a fab programme...can't quite believe it! I see you are sporting a rather lovely grad badge :D

  • Congratulations! It's a great feeling isn't it? What's next?

  • Thanks! Yes! Just going to be keeping at it, trying to get all the way round a 5k from home in a reasonable time to begin with! :D

  • Big congratulations! Hope in seven weeks time I can be like you :-)

  • Thanks so much cara! Although totally determined to get to the end, I can safely say that I had serious doubts in the early & mid stages! The programme really works...slow, slower and ever more slowly worked for me at the toughest times as the weeks went by! Now time to build it up...just a little! Good luck with your can do it!!

  • Well done Tiki!

    All over now. Phew! WHat a relief that must be!

    SO, what next? C25k+, Bridge to 10 k?

  • Thanks!

    Relief - yes!!

    Had a wee try of the stepping stone pod cast the other day...needed it & found it really useful! So will stick with that type of thing until I level out my erratic pace & hope to bag a proper 5k first, before I move on!

  • Wey hey - well done you , congrats and enjoy your shiny badge :)

  • Hey ej! Thank you! Hope you're doing okay :D

  • Congratulations! All of your hard work has paid off!!!

  • Thanks! Amazing what I can do when I set my mind to it! :D

  • Brilliant...well done you, the journey begins....

  • Thanks ju! I think I've been looking forward to the beyond more than finishing. Lol ;-)

  • Hi, welcome to the grad lounge and please do take a very well-earned seat and a celebratory slice of cake:) Well done you, hooray, what a way to start a week!!!! x

  • Cake...don't mind if I do!! Thanks marleyparley :-)

  • Wayy hayyyy, well done you were just amazing darling!!!! Saw you on the red carpet earlier, sit down and I'll grab us some bubbles.... Fabulosa xx

  • Don't mind if I do...lovely eer in it??! Hic!

    Thank you my fabulous friend! Notice I had a red face to match the carpet when I arrived...but it doesn't stay red for so long these days!! Phew!

    See you have a smashing badge!! Super!

  • Fab stuff Tiki, big tick, job completed :-) Well just this job cos this is just the beginning !

    Many Congratulations to you, Well done !

    Happy Days are here again :-)

    Where's Runon with his balloons when you need him eh ? Tsk :-) xxx

  • Ta very much poppy! I'm really looking forward to the next stage! :D

  • Congratulations on a programme well finished ! Hope your consolidation runs go well.

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