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Week 2 in the bag!

Did run 3 of week 2 tonight. 2 and 3 were better going than run 1 but think it's because of my apprehension about wondering wether I can do the extra bit each week.

Of which I now have the fear again.

90 seconds is tiring on me. I'm really glad to hear the words slow down on the podcast. How am I gonna cope with double that on week 3?

I know everyone says trust in the plan but I don't understand how it works. I don't get how I can run for so long one week when I couldn't the week before?

Maybe I'm overthinking it but I must admit I'm scared of next week and what's to follow...

On the plus side though, my knee is not as painful as it was after the last run so that's a bonus!

Onwards and forwards I guess eh?

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I'm with you Hezza, I don't get it either, but so far (weeks 1 through 3) it's worked. I don't know how it works but I've decided that I'll just trust it until I either it kills me or I get there ;)


I expect there's a long scientific explanation of how it works. Alll I know is that when I started I could scarcely do W1R1 yet tonight I did W3R1. It wasn't easy but I did it.


Ah good to hear Hezzabella that your knee is improving. My last week 2 run 3 tomorrow. Like you apprehensive about the next step up-but hey, we can do it! I just do not understand how this plan works-but stick to the system as it sure does. A month ago I couldn't even jog 90 secs once, let alone 8 times in 20 minutes. Wow! I am overthinking too-how on earth am I going to jog for 2 minutes on Wednesday? Having a tooth out on Friday under GA, so really concerned that I won't be fit for my run next Monday.


It's amazing isn't it. I don't get it but I'll keep doing it. I cannot wait for the day when I choose to go out for a half hour run just to get me going for the day AND enjoy it!

At the moment I really like doing this outdoors, feeling the breeze, looking at the trees and greenery etc. I can't wait til I'm fully capable and don't spoil it for myself with my wheezing and wondering when I get to walk again.

I'd love to one day enter running events but for now, just doing it is my goal.

And yes, we'll stick at it, follow the plan and congratulate each other when we achieve GRADUATE after our names!

As for Friday, good luck on the tooth out. I think you may feel woosy for a day or two but you should be fine for Monday. :)


Like the fact that you're a wheezer too,lol!! I've found that I'm improving in that level-are you? I forgot to take my inhalers before I left the house on Friday, and i didn't need my Ventolin half way through either. Running beside the sea is a help I'm sure. The dogs think I'm there to play with them though :-).

Won't it be lovely to say I'm going for a run for the sheer hell of it-not because we have to. My son's do that and now it's within my grasp as long as I keep going!

Yes, that's a thought-enter running events, eventually.

Not looking forward to Friday at all, but it has to be done as the tooth (double) broke in half and the root has died, so nothing to pin a crown onto (not that I'd want one-they keep falling out and are expensive). Have to have it under GA as allergic to Adrenaline, so can't have lignocaine and adrenaline mix injected.

This time next week will be in the past where it belongs and looking forward to Monday run, 3rd of week 3.


To be honest my asthma doesn't bother me much really and I rarely use my inhalers. But maybe I should before I leave to ease my struggle for breath. It can only help I presume.

Not looking forward to winter running though as my symptoms always worsen in cold weather but hopefully I'll be a bit fitter and have a better lung capacity by then.

As for the thought of running events, my best friend did a 10k run event last week and I went to cheer her on.

It was a great atmosphere and really inspiring. I'd love to experience it from the actual route. So hopefully I'll run beside her next year.

But yes, this time next week you'll be through your op and raring to go onto the next weeks program.

See you on the other side of week 3! :D


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