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I did it ! Thank you - Chewy, Fraz73 & Pelephant

Completed WK5 R3, thank you for your support. I listened to what you said, turned off the vacumn cleaner, found my spine and went for it. I am pleased to say it was not as bad as I anticipated, in fact I realised the program has well prepared me for doing it. I counted down the first 5 mins then told myself I was a quarter way through, then counted minutes to halfway point, then 3 quarter point and once I got there I felt quite confident I could carry on for another 5 mins.

Really can't thank you enough, your comments made me smile and really motiviated me.

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Glad to be of help and you've given me hope for my W5R3 which is less than 2 weeks away! Have a good weekend, you deserve it after today :)


Yaaay! You did it! But we all knew you could! Didn't we!


My pleasure, really pleased that you got out there and succeeded :)


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