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I did it! Week5 run3!!

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Wow. I was really worried about it. Before I went out last night to do the run, my legs ached and I seriously doubted my ability to run for 20 mins. The achy legs were all in my mind, as I was well rested. Anyway off I went, really quite afraid, and I hadn't felt like this before on previous runs. I did choose a route that had a couple of nice downhill bits to it! I went at a snails pace and after only a few mins I thought I can't do this,why am I putting myself through this etc etc after laura announced I had run for 5 mins, I thought oh lord, only a quarter through! But somehow after I kept going it got easier or I went into a trance or something! Next thing I know I am done! It's true what everyone says, trust yourself, trust the programme. X

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Like you just completed week 5 run 3 today. Surprised myself too and very proud as I am 52!

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Hey, well done you too! Haven't even looked at what's in store for week 6. Have you?

Great job, you persevered and rocked it! Well done you.

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Well done :)

Well done you

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Great news! It's such a confidence booster this run, it ally gives you the mental wings to go further and further :)

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Well done ! I completed this run today too - doesn't it feel great ? :-)

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Well done, I did this one today too! There are quite a group of us, I haven't looked ahead, I did the program last year but other than wk5 run 3 I can't remember what comes next, I like to just go out and see what happens, otherwise I might stress out about what the next step is. Definitely a confidence booster this one.

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I think you are right bizzyb! It's a double edged sword knowing what's coming up! On the one hand the fear and dread I felt about the 20 min run nearly put me off but then again I had read so many people on here saying they had thought the same and managed it. I think I would have died on the spot if I plugged in the earphones un-prewarned and heard Laura telling me I had to run 20 mins after only having done 8 mins in the previous run!

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It's a good feeling though. Just completed it this

Morning and feeling good.

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well done

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Well done, it's a great feeling isn't it?

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I just completed this run today, it feels great doesn't it. Well done!!

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