It's getting easier! WK1, Run 2

On Monday, i attempted my first run. I say attempted as i only managed 30 secs of each of the first 4 runs. Not great but made me realise just how unfit i am! At this point, i would have normally given up and not gone out running again, but for some reason came home and thought, "it was a start, i'll do better next time."

Today i have done my second run and what a difference! I still didn't manage to finish it, BUT i managed all of the first 6 runs! So from only running for around 2 minutes on Monday, today i have run 6 minutes!

I did most of it with a huge grin on my face as well, as i was actually doing this! It felt amazing! Probably doesn't sound much to most people, running for 6 minutes, but having not done any exercise really since school (so 10 years now! eek!), being over weight and having kids, i am so proud of my self for managing this much!

Roll on Friday! I WILL finish all 8 runs!!


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  • Well done.... I know what you're saying .I haven't exercised since leaving school 26 yrs ago and like i for some reason don't want to give in and when i did my 1st 5 mins in Week 4 i was smiling for the rest of it... Good Luck and enjoy

  • Brilliant work, seriously. Everyone is achieving their own goals and improving in their own way using the same programme. Good luck and keep on keeping on :)

  • I had this as well! Didn't manage I run all of the W1R1 running bits - would estimate I ran about 7 minutes, but today it was amazing! Cose a different place to run which probably helped.

  • Me too - W1R1 was so difficult but R2 was so much better and R3 was not exactly easy but it was certainly achievable. I found the same with W2 - R1 was awful, R2 way better and as for R3 - well I'll find out about that tonight.

  • So pleased to have found this today as my W1R1 run two days ago was not so good. Managed the first 5 runs then had to walk the rest of the way home. About to have another go.

  • Well done leahcar52!! Don't sell yourself short, what you did was indeed a big achievement! I remember my first week, I couldn't even do what you did! I thought I was going to pass out, so I abandoned my run halfway through and went home ;) haha

    But now, I will finish Week 3 tomorrow and I am only getting better!! God bless and keep it up!

  • I could have written this myself. I started week 1 a few weeks ago and then gave up after only being able to complete a couple of the 60 second runs. I started again on Saturday and managed 4 this time and I'm just about to go out now for my second Week 1 run. I'm going swimming twice a week aswell with one day off a week as a rest day. I'm determined to get to 5k and I'm pretty sure it'll take me longer than 9 weeks but taking it at my own pace will ensure I don't give up this time. Good luck and keep posting here xx

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