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Week 5 run 3 DONE!

After getting stuck on week 5 for 4 weeks I finally attempted and completed the 20 minute run

The only reason I managed to even attempt it was because all of you guys were managing it and I figured that if you could do it I probably could as well

: )

Imanaged to decide that I couldn't do it after 2 minutes but told myself I was being pathetic and could manage at least 10, but once that was done I was over half way so I could manage at least 5 minutes more and then it was only 5 minutes to finish .... and I did it!

It was all indoors on the treadmill, most of the run was at 7.5km per hour and the last 5 minutes were at 6.5 but there is pleanty of time to get faster

roll on week 6

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I know the 5 minute run is one of the toughest but you did it. So give yourself a big pat on the back. :)


well done! thats fantastic news, its so relieving when its over! roll on wk 6!


That's great well done! It's a tough one but you did it :)


The dreaded 20 minutes, you did it :) well done :)


That's fantastic - and great that you found so much encouragement on here. All the best as you truck on towards being a 5k-er!!


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