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4th post-graduate run - it’s definitely getting easier!


Since graduating my number of rest days between runs has increased. I guess maybe it’s the lack of structure, but I know I need a few more consolidation runs before I start working on quickening my pace too much. It probably also just comes down to time too - busy time for me at the minute, job interviews and dissertation writing for my masters degree.

BUT I have found that if I haven’t run for 3-4 days, all I can think is I wanna just go out for a run and see what happens. It isn’t like ‘I need to go for a run, eurgh I can’t be bothered’ it’s ‘I need to go for a run and feel that energy and sense of achievement again’.

I’ve found already that my pace has quickened. This is also probably due to the slightly cooler weather. Today was my first run with a bit of rain in the air, loved it!

I’ve also now bought a pair of 2-in-1 shorts and love them (so thanks to everyone who recommended them a few weeks back where I ended up with men’s shorts!) and I also bought myself a new pair of trainers from decathlon. I was just having a look, saw these and tried them on, and they felt so comfy it was amazing. They had some Adidas and ASICS ones there too, but this unknown brand were definitely the comfiest. Then I’ve bought some gel sports insoles today from the cheap German A shop, £2.50! Bargain. (I bought some from somewhere else last week for a tenner, luckily unopened so will return those ones).

Today I had issues. I tried using a different app to measure what I was doing, and I don’t like it at all lol! Had a bit of faffing with that but tbf it wasn’t too bad, I just prefer what I had been using and will go back to that.

I also tried a new route and actually enjoyed it. Normally I’m just running around the industrial park next to where I live, and although this is where I was ending up today, I started off running through the town. Also kept feeling like my shorts were going to fall down initially! Which wasn’t great.

I also ended up speaking to a mate on the phone for a bit, but my earphones didn’t let me talk so ended up holding the phone to my ear, which isn’t ideal. But it took my mind off the running.

The first couple of post grad runs I maybe didn’t feel like running for 30 minutes/was convincing myself I was short of time. I couldn’t decide between running 3k or 30 minutes. I’ve ended up running 4k both times in just over 30 minutes. So today I just thought I’d do the 4k/30 minutes instead of trying to kid myself I’m gonna do less. Unfortunately because of new app and route I’m not entirely sure on my distance, but I think I did 3.8/3.9k in 30 minutes. Pretty confident I can do the full 4k in 30 minutes.

But today’s run, despite the issues I had, definitely felt the easiest by far. No aches in my legs, my feet are still feeling okay (and I’ve been doing 8 hour shifts on my feet) and I just felt good once I’d finished.

I’m definitely happy that it’s something I can continue now and can’t wait to hopefully have a bit more time from October ☺️

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Great to see you out there and doing it. Sometimes a few days off is a real boost to the body and mind and then you pull out better runs. You’ll get that 4K real soon.

Aye I’m sure! Normally I just carry on till I hit 4k :)


Don't worry too much about improving your pace. If you concentrate on increasing distance then pace at 5k will come naturally. The '10 is the magic number' plan does this very well. Details in the B210k forum. Good luck!

Yeah I’ve seen that! Not focusing on doing anything like that any time soon though :)


Great stuff and perfect for after Graduation.. different routes and distances and times... wonderful stuff. Continuing the building up of stamina and strength along with the running legs, makes such a difference !

Go you!

Yeah thanks! I’m amazed at how much easier yesterday felt :)

That was a good read! I’m heading out on my first post-grad run this morning and have no idea what to expect. It’s blowing a hooley and raining too - something I’ve not had to contend with!

I’m 🐌 pace and nowhere near 5k yet so I guess I’ll see what happens. Your post has helped, thanks! 😀

Sounds like you’ve settled into a good routine and are reaping the benefits. Brilliant, and well done you! 👍🏻

Aw thank you!

Yeah I just carried on running to 5k on my graduation run and it killed my legs! Since then I’ve done 1 5k on the treadmill and 3 4ks outdoors.

Good luck and hopefully you’ll have the motivation to keep it up!

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to Sortyourlife

Thank you! Yes I’ll definitely keep my motivation up, as this is something I’m loving! Just need to invest in some cooler weather running gear! 💦

Keep running! 👍🏻😀

Yes! Honestly I’m absolutely in love with Decathlon at the minute 😍


Thanks for that I’m starting to wonder when it will feel easier

I guess no matter how many runs you’ve done there will always be days that are better than others. I just know that even when I feel like I’m having the worst run in the world, the feeling of achievement after it’s over is immense

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