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Should be getting easier!

Done four runs since graduation. Did my first 'free' run after Laura last Sunday and managed four runs.hey have all been 5 k runs and range between 32 mins and 33.5 mins. In thought they might be getting easier but still knackered at the end of run today.

Loving the runs and feel amazing but want them to start feeling a bit easier so I can push on a bit. Am I being a bit too optimistic... Just need to consolidate maybe? I am a bit strong minded and don't like giving in or not pushing myself which has probably helped getting through the programme as definitely needed mind over matter on some of the runs. So back to my original statement.... Will turn into a question.... Should it be getting easier yet?

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after a week?


Lol! I am keen!! Each week on the programme was getting easier so I thought this week would too!! Must sort my breathing out I think!


Try varying your runs e.g. download the 5K+ podcasts. I did those for about 4 weeks after graduating before moving on to longer runs. If you want to run for longer, have a look at the BUPA running plans.

How about entering a Parkrun?


The programme is amazing but I think that's one downside of it... we make such great progress week after week that maybe we feel that will continue and we'll be running marathons before Christmas. I don't feel up for much more than 5K at the moment, I graduated about 6 weeks ago, but hell! Just think of how far you've come so far! I'm not sure it will ever get easier, I think we all push ourselves that little bit every time we go out. Congrats on doing so well so far x


Erm... lots of wonderful people on here go on to run 10ks and HMs and marathons, and get fitter and do marvellous things. I am not one of them. I still have to grit my teeth and push on, and that's after about 18 months or so after graduation. My maximum ever run has been 6k. I'm trying desperately to get back up to 5k (injury etc has put me back a bit this year) and it's not much fun at the moment. I'm slow. But I will always carry on running, having found it, and that'll do for me.

I think you're doing brilliantly if you're running 5k in under 33 mins. Why not mix it up a bit? Have you tried the C25K+ Speed podcast? What about a local running club? Parkruns? Trail runs, if you run on tarmac? Whatever you do, don't push too hard and injure yourself - that would be awful. I hope you have fun :)


Thank you for everyone's thoughts and encouragement. It's great hearing people's advice and to read people's inspiring comments. Some good ideas for me to think about. I need to learn patience!! I've signed up for a Parkrun


Hi Mobo. I found myself at a bit of a loss too when I graduated end June. I kept running every other day but felt as though I was plateau-ing a bit. I tried extending the distance as I wanted to at least do 10k+ by the end of the year and also set myself the target of 5k in under 30mins. I also followed the 10km training plan on Runkeeper and also mixed up the runs with some fast over shorter distances and some longer runs at an easier pace.

Things did get easier for me, but only over time. The other thing I noticed is that I was always pushing myself quite hard when, after taking some advice, I learned that 80% of one's runs should be at a conversational pace. One should also put in a really easy week once every 5 or 6 weeks to allow the body to recover.

Finally I think you don't necessarily notice your improvement unless you start tracking it. I went back to a route that I followed on week 6 of the C25k programme and was astonished to find how easy it was compared to the previous time.

I achieved both my targets after I had allowed my body to rest. Now I am training for a HM in March and the Berlin Marathon next year. Happy running!


Thank you for sharing your experience. It really helps knowing different things to try.


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