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W2 D1. Should I repeat W1?

Felt a little exhausted today more so than on my last run where I felt quite good for my efforts. Shins were definately complaining this time! The first 30 seconds of each run went quickly but that next minute was so slow!

Had to change my route today too slightly and will be opting for the river footpath next time. Will be looking a bit odd in my blank cotton vest top and jogging bottoms compared to the pro looking guys and girls out there, as soon as I can afford some gear I will be updating my look.

I was wondering if I should repeat Week 1? I managed Week 2 Day 1 but it was hurting my shins somewhat and I did have a few minutes stop half way through as the vicar stopped me (I did pause the app) which was a welcome break, I'm not sure how well I would have managed without it.

Also is it normal for your pelvic floor to feel uncomfortable running on tarmac?

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It doesn't sound as if you need to repeat week 1. Just try week 2r1 again and along the river path if it's not too hard. You should not need to repeat a week if you have done the runs, no matter how slowly you had to go or how hard they felt. Try flat routes, soft ground and go slowly. You'll get there :)


No, I don't think you should repeat W1, just press on with the next run. I think the first couple of weeks are a body shock and you need to get it used to running without expecting miracles.

I can imagine you chatting to the Vicar, on one of my first runs I passed my boss and his wife, I felt such an idiot and looked a total fright, but he said later how impressed he was that I was out running (he didn't know I was only running for 90 seconds at a time, lol)

Well done for keeping at it, keep in touch here and let us know how you're going.

PS Dunno about the pelvic floor thing. Hadn't particularly noticed but that's not to say....I will pay attention next time I run!!!


If your pelvis is on the floor, you're doing it wrong! :p

Sorting out a good route makes a huge difference. I'd only be tempted to re-do a week if I failed it on all 3 runs. At that point I'd consider sticking at the same run until you make the breakthrough.

I love how humans always want to punish themselves!


I don't know about pelvic floor, but my belly under my overhang (sorry if too much info) definitely ached somewhat (only a small somewhat) after W2R2 (I think), so now I go out with my 'control pants' on, I figure if I wear a sports bra to stop the girls jiggling about like mad I really need to stop the gut jumping around (and I won't scare the passers by so much as well).


Great thread, I'm learning things even at my age, "... stop the girls jiggling..." made me chuckle.

My wife has mentioned pelvic floor and I realise it's something to do with children and so on but I'm really not qualified to comment. If I have one I have no idea how it reacts to tarmac, I've never noticed. Sorry.

But I wouldn't redo W1, just carry on.


Hi. I find that everything seems to hurt more on Tarmac! I've been running in the fields in the evening but it's getting a bit darker now so will have to change route. Haven't been brave enough to run by the river yet ;)

Keep going, maybe just rest an extra day instead. x


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