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W1 R1 Done 😀

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I acutally did it. Dropped kids at school and work then stopped on way home at local woods. Felt a right Wally kept thinking what other people maybe thinking of me but carried on and got through it, pleased i managed to get to the end but not really looking forward to next run didnt get the buzz that i was hoping for, have got some achy legs lol. Will be pushing myself to do next 1 want to be fitter but want to enjoy it and look forward to the time i have for me just not got what i wanted from this 1st 1 hoping that the fitter i get the more enjoyment i get from it.

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Well done for starting. Don’t feel self conscious I like to think that people smiling at me are encouraging rather than judgemental but anyway who cares I’m running they are not!

Ha ha you want it all! I am beginning to feel the odd spell of joy but mostly it is gritty determination and at first it was just pain so don’t worry the joy and achievement will come. Keep on running but very slowly 🏃‍♀️

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Why would you feel a wally 🤷‍♀️ Folks run in the woods and everywhere else Anyway i think you’ll find folks think absolutely nothing They are much more interested in their own lives 🙂

I’m w2r2 and I still feel like a tit when I’m out running. But I definitely don’t care as much. My first week I was running at 5:30am just so I didn’t see anyone!!

I’m feeling the benefits. Last week I didn’t think I’d be able to run for a bus, but I’ve nearly done week 2. Yes, it’s hard. Really difficult to find the energy and do it, but keep pushing.

Well done for starting. Keeping going xx

Well done for getting started. Keep going. Everyone on here is very encouraging I am on week 3 now and really enjoying it which came as a huge surprise.

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So proud of you ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I didn’t enjoy the first run either, but it taught me how badly unfit I was and that I would need to go slower now to go faster later. No-one is judging you here ! And if you’re a shy runner, like me, then wear ordinary, comfortable clothes - leggings or joggers and a t-shirt make you look like a person in a hurry, not a runner, so you don’t draw the same level of attention. I’m so chuffed for you for getting out there in spite of everything x

😊 thank you x

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You’re welcome !

Well done for getting started. I felt the same at the beginning but found the buzz kicked in as I started to feel and see progression. Keep at It, it's totally worth it ☺

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Well done! It's amazing how quickly your fitness improves once you get started. I suspect the people who you see are thinking "I wish I could do that".

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