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Post graduation and feeling proud of myself!

I didn't really know what to do after graduating and getting my lovely shiny badge. I tried going back to week one and doing speed intervals - running and jogging instead. That was really tough especially the last few! I have also tried to do the 10k for pink. I am at week 10 with 3 x 15 minute runs and found the last run tough and walked so I need to do it again. I'm also finding the length of time makes it more difficult and seem very boring even with my own music playing. It just seems too long! I'm also not really sure this is going to fit in when I go back to work next week. I also tried the new c25k+ speed podcast and had a bad start with the rain and it didn't download properly so cut out after 6 minutes and all the fumbling to get some music on just put me off. Well, today I did it again and thought I would roughly do my same route. I continued past the end of Laura's podcast and until I thought I was roughly at the end of the 5k route. It turns out I didn't quite make 5k but ran 4.84k in 25.49. I am feeling very proud of myself! (huge smile on my face) I think during the week I will stick to the c25k+ podcast as 30 minutes is more achievable and it is so good to hear Laura again. At the weekend I might try increasing the distance at a slower pace with the 10k for pink and see how it goes. I'm not sure that I will ever 'enjoy' an hours running but certainly will not give it up! Let's see in a few weeks time if I think differently.

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Well done on graduating - I have just finished W8R3 today so in a week I will be done too :) It's a really strange (but great) feeling isn't it! Good luck with your c25k + let us know how you are getting on.


I hadn't heard of 10k for pink thanks, it sounds like quite a jump up but a good thing to aim for as a new challenge. I've just graduated myself and think I'll stick with the 30 minute runs for a while yet before trying anything new like the 5k+ or a 10k, but I'll probably want to give them a go in the future. :-)


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