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Feeling really demotivated and not sure where to go from here

I finished C25K on Monday and went for my first post-graduation run yesterday. I wasn't prepared and hadn't downloaded any of the new podcasts so I decided I needed a fun, no-pressure run. I was hoping I'd enjoy it but I really didn't. I only had Coldplay on my phone which wasn't the most uplifting music to run to. Endomondo didn't give me a shout-out at the usual spot where I complete a mile, despite me going a convoluted route, so I'm pretty sure the GPS wasn't working properly. I gave up after that so only managed about 15 minutes then a couple of half-hearted 5 minute runs after that.

It's been a couple of weeks since I enjoyed a run, running for 30 minutes made me feel light-headed and a bit sick rather than elated. I want to run 30 minutes comfortably before setting a new challenge but I can't do it without Laura and I'm fed up of the week 9 podcast. I'm scared to try the new podcasts because everyone says they're so hard.

I know I'm fitter because I can run for 30 minutes now but I don't feel fit, I'm still really slow and it's still a huge struggle. I'm almost tempted to start C25K all over again just to enjoy the day to day progress. I really don't want to undo all the good work I've done so far.

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Don't beat yourself up so much - look at what you have achieved!!! As Laura says, a bad run is better than no run. We all have them and I know they are frustrating and demotivating but please please don't be so down on yourself. I have just given a couple of the new podcasts a go after a few weeks of post grad running solo and I really enjoyed them. I'd read from others that they were tough but didn't let that put me off as I wanted to decide for myself. And yes they are tough but more challenging tough that 'OMG I can't do this' tough - def do able and it was nice to have Laura back!

As you mentioned the music you ran to wasn't perhaps the best so why don't you make a playlist of your fav upbeat songs and go out next time and see how that feels? Also alot of it is mind over matter. You can physically do it as you have gradutated but it doesn't sound like you believe you can.

I can't say hand on heart I ever really enjoy the actual running, I'm usually thinking how crazy I am and how much I can't wait to finsih, its the after buzz I enjoy and the sense of achievement , the gruelling bit is forgotten by the next session otherwise I wouldn't go out again - and I do!

Also please don't worry about your pace... I am a slow runner too - but I'm running! You won't undo all your hard work just because of one bad run... just stick with it and keep building on what you have achieved so far.

Best of luck xxx


Hey don't be so down on yourself! It sounds like you're missing the structure of C25K and feeling a bit lost. I think its good to set yourself some goals after graduation so you can keep progressing. Do you want to run further? Or maybe increase speed? If your intimidated by the new podcasts then just make up your own programme. Some people go back to WK 1 of C25K and do intervals (jogging at normal pace at the "walk" parts and increasing speed during the "run" parts).

I have to agree that Coldplay aren't the best for running to ;) Why not take some time making up a few 30min playlists full of tunes you love that will keep you motivated? Also try mixing up your route, use mapmyrun to find some different places to go in your area. Even driving out to the country for a change or scenery is fun. Lastly if you want to keep the momentum going why not enter a 5k race or go along to a parkrun? Having a goal to aim for is a great motivator and running with others is fun...honestly!

You've come so far so it would be silly to give up now, good luck!


You could check out whats happening at the local leisure centre. You have reach a level of fitness which would help you in other things. Whether its pilates, hockey, rowing, swimming etc see what is happening that you perhaps might enjoy that the running has got you fit to do.

I started football training recently and can say the fitness has helped me and I am enjoying it. Im still running- the new step up podcast is helping to give me an extra aim.


I felt very similar to you. I graduated but by W9 had definitely fallen out of love with running. All I could think of was the end and the walk back home. I was very annoyed with myself as this is the fittest I have been in 30 years. I am still to loose weight though and I am very slow.

I ran for about 30 mins three times a week for about 3 weeks listening to anything - music/plays - but found I was getting really fed up. I have since used the new 'Speed' podcast and have to say I have really enjoyed it. I cant get bored as I am running to the beat and constantly changing. Like angelmummy I even added an extra 5 mins to the run.

It is definitely worth giving it a go we have all come so far. Good luck.


I, like you, really missed the structure of the program since graduating. So after trying the new podcasts and not really enjoying it, I have gone back to week 1 and have been working on increasing my Pace. I am finding it incredibly tough but am enjoying the structure again as well as the challenge. I still do a 5k every week not only to keep my hand in but also in order to track my weekly progress I do this with my own upbeat playlist and the pace coach option on runkeeper. My advice would be to mix up your runs and find what works for you. Chin up and trainers on!


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